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 Family Access Documents

Family Access Payment Instructions UPDATED 1-2015.pdfFamily Access Payment Instructions UPDATED 1-2015Cathy Kedjidjian

Click on the Family Access logo to the right to get to the login screen. For detailed information on using Family Access, check:

Family Access User Guide

If you did not yet complete a registration form, you can do so at any time. Please make sure to fill it out completely, sign it and send it to:

Family Access Registration
Deerfield Public Schools District 109
517 Deerfield Road
Deerfield, IL 60015
Fax: (847) 945-1892

If you have questions, email familyaccess@dps109.org.

 Login Help

Don't Remember Your Password?  Usethe “Forgot Password” button on the Family Access login page, found by clicking the Family Access logo to the right. Enter your login ID (don’t enter your email address), as well as the security code on the screen. (Yes, it's sometimes hard to read!) If you haven't changed your login ID from the one assigned to you, it is firstname.lastnameAfter you enter your login ID, you'll receive an email to the email address we have on file with a link to reset your password.

Getting a Blank Screen, or Nothing at All When You Enter Your Login ID and Password?  You're likely on Google Chrome, which sometimes doesn't play nice with Family Access. Use Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. You'll have to disable pop-up blockers before you log in.  

Need More Help? The Family Access User Guide, posted to the left, and on the District 109 home page, provides a lot of information about the system. If you need help making an online payment, read the instructions for making online payments. If you need to add milk or transportation to your account, #6 is the step for you! 

Don't Know Your Login ID, Email Address on File, or If You're Registered? Contact Cathy Kedjidjian at ckedjidjian@dps109.org