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 Assessments in District 109

District 109 uses the following types of assessments to measure student progress and ensure that instruction is targeted to meet the needs of each individual student:
  • State-Mandated Testing: The state of Illinois currently requires all public school districts to conduct the Illinois Standards Achievement Test (ISAT), which measures individual student achievement according to the Illinois learning standards. The results of this state test are reported in the state report cards for every school and district in the state. In the future, a new assessment that is aligned to the Common Core State Standards will replace the ISAT as the state-required test. You can learn more about state testing on the Illinois State Board of Education website. 
  • Nationally Normed Assessments: 
    • Measures of Academic Progress (MAP): Map is an achievement test, taken online, that measures academic learning in mathematics, reading, language arts, and science. The District, and parents, receive reports that show individual results and trends over time, as well as results that are normed to national results. 
    • The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT): CogAT tests a student's reasoning and problem-solving abilities in verbal, quantitative and nonverbal areas. 
  • Local Assessments: District 109 uses a number of additional subject-level assessments to support appropriate differentiation.
For more detailed information about assessments in District 109, please see Questions and Answers on Assessment in District 109, which will be posted before the start of the 2013-2014 school year. 

 How We Differentiate Instruction in District 109

With differentiation, teachers develop personalized and targeted instruction in order to most effectively teach to each student based on their current understanding and their needs as learners.

Teachers in District 109 differentiate for every student, every day, all day.

In District 109:

  • Flexible groups are sometimes run by differentiation, literacy or math coaches in addition to classroom teachers.
  • Grade levels across the District teach the same strategies, skills and content; however, the way in which the instruction is delivered may vary.
  • Different activities may be used across different schools or in different classrooms within the same school.

You can view more details about specific ways in which teachers differentiate instruction in Differentiation in District 109, as well as in the District109 Response to Intervention Plan, both of which will be posted here before the start of the 2013-2014 school year. 

 Response to Intervention (RtI) in District 109

The Response to Intervention (RtI) framework uses data to establish the nature and degree of assistance a student may need, and then applies research-based interventions to target those areas.

The District 109 RtI brochure has more detailed information on how RtI is implemented throughout all the schools.

 ISAT Information/State Report Cards (Interactive)

  ISAT Information from the Illinois State Board of Education
  ISAT Sample Books
  FAQ: Changes in ISAT Cut Scores
  ISBE Interactive Report Card: District 109
  ISBE Interactive Report Card: Caruso Middle School
  ISBE Interactive Report Card: Shepard Middle School
  ISBE Interactive Report Card: Kipling Elementary School
  ISBE Interactive Report Card: South Park Elementary School
  ISBE Interactive Report Card: Walden Elementary School
  ISBE Interactive Report Card: Wilmot Elementary School

 State Report Cards

Folder: DistrictDistrictzzz Howard Lim
Folder: KiplingKiplingzzz Howard Lim
Folder: South ParkSouth Parkzzz Howard Lim
Folder: WaldenWaldenzzz Howard Lim
Folder: WilmotWilmotzzz Howard Lim
Folder: CarusoCarusozzz Howard Lim
Folder: ShepardShepardzzz Howard Lim