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Mr. David Komie
Upfront and Station Readings
U.S. Foreign Policy
Veterans Day
Roaring Twenties
Great Depression
Post WWII through the Fifties
Rock and Roll
Cold War
Civil Rights

 The Cold War - Ch 7, 8, 9, and 11

  Image An East German soldier leaping to freedom over barbed wire into West Berlin, 1961

Syllabus, worksheets, activities, essays 
Cold War syllabus
and Quizlet
        The Century videos - "Best Years"
part one, part two, part three
                "Happy Days" (part three from 7:09-9:40 for Sputnik)
        History Alive opening readings - Qs 1-5 and Qs 6-10,

"1946: the Iron Curtain and Cold War" - Sam Roberts, Upfront - February 20, 2006 
"The Cold War" by Junior Scholastic
The Space Race Game - instructions 
"1957: Sputnik Launches the Space Race" by Sam Roberts - Upfront, September 17, 2007
"Men on the Moon: the View from Russia" - by Bernard Gwertzman, Upfront - April 26, 2004
Cold War Sports Hall of Fame...or Shame - instructions 
Late Cold War Methods - group activity packet and key w/methods
        Readings for the End of the Cold War
                Honors freshman (both first and second readings), 8th grade, and modified versions   

General Resources
The Time Magazine 100 and 80 Days that Changed the World - biographies
        World nuclear club (interactive map) - Al Jazeera
"We all lost [the] Cold War" - Robert G. Kaiser, The Washington Post - June 11, 2004 
"What the Real Cold War Meant" - Patrick Jackson, BBC News - July 18, 2007
"Duck and Cover" "Russians" by Sting and the lyrics 

Cold War Events and Country Studies 
The Iron Curtain & Beginnings 
Winston Churchill's "Iron Curtain" speech - March 5, 1946 Fulton, Missouri 
                (if this page is slow, you may also hear this 

        Germany and Berlin, both East and West 
                JFK's speech "Ich bin ein Berliner" -
video clip or as Abe Simpson mistook it... 
                Ronald Reagan -
"Tear down this wall" video clip 
Map of Berlin post WWII  and NYTimes interactive map of Berlin with and without the Wall
"1987: Tear Down this Wall" by Craig R. Whitney - Upfront, May 7, 2007 
"1989: When the Wall Came Tumbling Down" - Roger Cohen, Upfront - November 15, 2004 

        USSR, its former republics, and former Warsaw Pact Nations
                "Putin's Power Play" - Junior Scholastic or Upfront version - March 31, 2014
                My Perestroika - PBS P.O.V. video
"A New Russia" - PBS Online NewsHour, August 22, 2001 
Mikhail Gorbachev and Gorbachev - from and World Book, respectively 
In-depth interview with Gorbachev - PBS's Commanding Heights series 
                From Communism through Chaos - the fall of the USSR 
Solidarity - interactive site about Poland's move toward democracy 
Poland: We've Got God by the Arm - A Force More Powerful documentary website 
Gorbachev Moves Toward Democracy and 
Collapse of the Soviet Union (PDF copies of the first and second hard readings)  

        The Korean War and North Korea
PBS Frontline - Kim's Nuclear Gamble (from 1:50-6:30 - produced 2003)
                "Truman" by David McCullough (notes from audiobook segment)
"From One Korea to Two" by Merrill Perlman, Upfront - May 10, 2010
The Korean War - CBS interactive in-depth feature 
The DMZ and another page on this - essay and real player clips from National Geographic. 
Click this for a PDF map of the DMZ 
A State of Mind - PBS look into life in North Korea 
How Dangerous is North Korea? - TIME magazine interactive feature
The World's Most Dangerous Golf Hole - Par 3, 192 yards at Camp Bonifas in the DMZ 
                The World's Tallest Flagpole - North Korea's "Propaganda Village" near 
                        Panmunjeom (read on at this
"Korea: And Then There Were Two" - Peter Edidin, Upfront - December 12, 2005

The Tank Man - Frontline episode about the man at Tiananmen Square who risked his life 
                for democracy and freedom

                Nixon's China Game - PBS site on Nixon's China policy 
The "One China" Policy - Wikipedia definition 
                US State Department documents on our policy 
The "Three Communiques" 
Taiwan Relations Act 
The Gates of Heavenly Peace - Tiananmen Square

        Cuban Missile Crisis, the Bay of Pigs, and present-day Cuba 
The Fog of War - resources from the Robert McNamara documentary 

                Khrushchev's letters to President Kennedy of October 26 and October 27 and President Kennedy's
                response of
October 27 
"Cuba at a Crossroads" by James McKinley, Jr., Upfront - March 31, 2008 
Should the US End its Cuba Embargo? - Debate from Upfront - April 18, 2005 
"1961: the Bay of Pigs" - Sam Roberts, Upfront - March 13, 2006 
"Stuck in Time" - Ginger Thompson, Upfront - April 18, 2005

The Space and Technology Races
Tom Lehrer's spoof on Wernher von Braun
The Space Age (includes great image gallery) - NY Times Science
Space Race Timeline - NOVA at PBS
General History, Astronaut biographies, the Mercury Project, and Friendship 7 - NASA
1969: Man takes first steps on the Moon, 1959: Monkeys Survive Space Mission - BBC
        Yuri Gagarin - BBC and the film "First Orbit" commemorating 50th anniversary of his flight into space
Valentina Tereshkova: the first woman in space - BBC News
Race to the Moon - PBS
Sputnik's launch - "80 Days That Changed the World" by TIME
        Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum
The Space Race
- general info
Milestones of Flight - images of significant flight vehicles
Alan B. Shepard's Golf Club from Apollo 14 and a BBC description of his golf shot and 
video clip of the shot 
        NASA resources
"Earthrise" photo from Apollo 8

                40th anniversary of Sputnik 
Biography - Alan B. Shepard, Jr.  

Sports and the Cold War 
BBC - "Long History of Olympics Protests" by Paul Reynolds, April 7, 2008 
        Olympic athletes' biographies and info on each games - from the official IOC site Resources: Memorable Olympic Moments and boycotts 
        ESPN Resources 
"Rolling in Rubles"
- Jim Caple - 2007
1972 US-USSR Olympic Basketball Game

                "Miracle" - 1980 USA Hockey Victory over the USSR at Lake Placid 
                       "For Those Affected, Boycott Still Lingers" 
The First "Miracle on Ice: The 1960 US Hockey Team

                        "Castro's Cold Warriors Remain Loyal to Cuba" - Tom Farrey ESPN - July 11, 2001 
"The Art of the Defection" - Tom Farrey ESPN - July 11, 2001 

        Sports Illustrated 
                1956 Hungary-USSR Water Polo Match 
1945 "They kicked off the Cold War" - USSR Dynamo soccer team's tour of Great Britain 
Cuban defectors from their Olympic Teams 
2008 Chinese news service reports that gymnasts were 13 - controversy over He Kexin & others
                Athletes: Vasily Alexeyev, Aleksandr Karelin, Teofilo Stevenson, Pocket Hercules
Kurt Angle, Nadia Comaneci, Katarina Witt
                Josiah Thugwane - first black South African to win gold

1980 USA-USSR Hockey, 1972 USA-USSR Basketball, Vasily Alexeyev,
Aleksandr Karelin, Teofilo Stevenson, Nadia Comaneci - on 
uneven parallel bars, another routine, and her floor exercise, Katarina Witt 
another of her. And of course the man himself...Pocket Hercules 
1976 Philadelphia Flyers (the "Broad Street Bullies") vs. the USSR Red Army hockey team 
1992 Lithuanian Olympic basketball squad - the "Other Dream Team" 

     "The East German Medal Machine" - CBC show from June 18, 1998
"Sports Most Notorious Rule Breakers" see #7 for Boris Onishcheko -
"Broad Street Bullies vs. the Red Army" - the famous 1976 hockey game - and
article about the match from the Philadelphia newspaper
"Rome 1960: An Olympic Turning Point" and 
The Road from Rome: Politics, Commercialism, Doping, Nonstop TV Coverage--it All Started in 1960" -
        resources by/about David Maraniss & his book on the '60 games 
"Beyond the Big Chill" - William A. Henry III, Time magazine - August 6, 1990 
"In a Cold War Hangover, Germany Confronts a Legacy of Steroids" - Alan Cowell, NY Times - 1998 
Olympic Team Results - USA Basketball and
article on Arvydas Sabonis
        General introduction to Soviet sports - U of I's Russian and Eastern European Center (pdf file) 
Ping Pong Diplomacy - PBS site on Nixon's China policy 
Sports Highlights from the 'Red Files' - PBS 
"Bobby Fischer: Demise of a Chess Legend" - Robert Plummer, BBC News - March 24, 2005 
Match of the Century: Fischer v. Spassky - Wikipedia 
Roy Jones Jr. loses a controversial boxing match at the 1988 Olympics and
How old is He Kexin? - Olympics gymnastics controversey -  The Sunday Times
"25 Years Later, Olympic Boycott Gnaws at Athletes" - by Christine Brennan, USA Today - April 2005

Late Cold War Methods - History Alive resources
1973: President Overthrown in Chile Coup - BBC's "On this Day"
"Chile Divided Over Pinochet Illness"
        by Daniel Schweimler, BBC News - December 5, 2006, and the trailer for the film Missing 
1982: Brezhnev Rumors Sweep Moscow - BBC's "On this Day", 
"She Might Have Invaded Russia" - cartoon by Herb Block, Washington Post, and 
1987: Superpower Treaty to Scrap Warheads - BBC's "On this Day 
1964: Nasser and Khrushchev Divert the Nile - BBC's "On this Day",
"Mobutu's Legacy: Show Over Substance" by Michela Wong, BBC News - August 30, 2000, and
"The Story of Africa - the Cold War" by BBC Worldservice 
Guide to Planned US Missile Shield - BBC