The Teaching, Learning, & Innovation Team

  • Danielle Arnold
    Dr. Danielle Arnold
    Assistant Superintendent for
    Curriculum & Instruction
    Phone: (847) 945-1844 x7220

    Jason Jezuit
    Jason Jezuit
    Director for Learning
    Phone: (847) 945-1844 x7207

    Patti Kalaytowicz
    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 847-945-1844 x7234

About Teaching, Learning, & Innovation

  • The mission of the Teaching, Learning, & Innovation (TLI) Department is to provide leadership, service, and support in all areas of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional learning so that all students and teachers perform to their highest potential. We work with teachers, administrators, and support staff across all district schools to ensure a guaranteed and viable curriculum is in place at all schools across grade levels and content areas. Although the work of TLI is wide-ranging, we often start our work by focusing on four critical questions, the answers to which drive subsequent actions:

    1. What is it we want our students to know?

    2. How will we know if they have learned it?

    3. How will we respond when some students do not learn as expected?

    4. How will we respond when some students have already mastered the intended learning targets?