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Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Beatrise Revelins


The 2020-2021 school year marks my 24th year here at Caruso Middle School. The changing climate of education motivates me to continue to look for opportunities to grow as an educator.  During my years at Caruso I earned my Master’s Degree in Science Education and my Doctorate in Education in Curriculum and Social Inquiry at National-Louis University. For several years I have also been an adjunct at National-Louis University, teaching future science teachers. I have also taught a Materials Science and Engineering Design class at Northwestern’s Center for Talent Development for 9 years. My students and their parents inspire me to grow as an educator and as an individual.

Outside Experience:  

Prior to teaching at Caruso, I worked in the Ophthalmology Department at the University of Illinois–Chicago, as a research assistant. I really enjoyed the work I did in the lab; it was challenging and rewarding. I enjoyed the science process within in the laboratory setting. It begins with the recognition of a problem or a question and then follows a path by my design to help me find the answers to that question. I soon realized, while working in the laboratory, that I could do more. In fact it became very clear to me that I wished to reach out to children and inspire them to fuel their curiosity about the world and find answers to their questions and guide them through the scientific process.

Outside of School:

I enjoy traveling. I have backpacked through Europe several times alone, and with my brother. I followed my favorite soccer team in Germany during the World Cup in 2006. I have hiked the Blue Ridge Mountains and took on mountain biking on some very challenging trails in the Eastern part of the United States. I have also hung out with iguanas and tortoises in the Galapagos Islands. I have traveled to Costa Rica and in upper New York, hiking near the Finger Lakes.  This past summer I spent several weeks in Latvia. I enjoy playing volleyball and soccer, watching movies, reading a good book, and I am a big fan of all things football, basketball, and soccer.


  • My Mission for Our Class

    My mission is to empower students to be LIFE-LONG LEARNERS and to engage, inspire, and empower each student to excel and contribute in an ever-changing world.  I will strive to inspire students to do their best and to believe in themselves. I am dedicated to my students and committed to helping them in any way I can.

  • My Advice to My Students:

    Eighth graders grow so much this year as they prepare for high school.  We will be concentrating on developing the skills you need to be successful learners this year and the years that follow.  However, success is up to you.  The adults in your life can only open the door for you; you must be the one to enter!  In other words, I will be there to guide you and to continually reinforce what we are learning in class.  I will be available when you need help.  You must be the one to put forth the effort to review material regularly, seek assistance when necessary, ask questions to be sure you understand what you are learning, and continually evaluate your own understanding.  Most importantly, do something about what you don’t understand!! This will be a big year for you, make the most of it!