8th Grade Curriculum

  • The curriculum students will be following this year focuses on learning concepts and then making connections to what they’ve learned in the lab and classroom activities. Learning will require analytical thinking and problem solving.  We will incorporate many hands-on lab and classroom activities to accomplish our learning objectives and to ensure greater understanding of concepts.  Although much of our lab work is collaborative, students should strive to develop their own conclusions and communicate their own ideas in their lab work.  We will be covering the following topics this year: General Science Skills, Structure and Propeties of Matter which includes us exploring the atom an the Periodic Table of Elements, Chemical Reactions which includes exploring how molecules and compounds form as well as chemical interactions, and finally,Environmental Studies and Human Impact. Click below to see what topics we will cover each quarter.

Content Accordion

  • Quarter 1

  • Quarter 2

  • Quarter 3

  • Quarter 4