STEAM U Credit:
    Credit will be determined by SMART goal, collaboration, and time spent. Credit 
    will be administered once project is turned in and completed.

    Why are we using Minecraft?

    While Minecraft can be a lot of fun to play in your free time, there are some great ways to use it in the classroom as well. We will be using Minecraft in the STEM Lab toprimarily focus on the design and construction of various structures.

    What are the guidelines for using Minecraft in the STEM Lab? 

    • All in-class work must be done in creative mode.  Survival mode is only to be used outside of school.
    • You may use more than one computer to build ONLY if there are open computers in the Lab. Check with me first.
    • Clearly label your save file so that we know who it belongs to and what period you are in.
    • Use your class time wisely.  Focus your time on completing your SMART Goal.

    Challenge Ideas...

    • Create a scale model of a real-life building.
    • Research red stone. Utilize this stone to create a working structure.
    • Create a world that teaches new players how to use Minecraft.
    • Create a world that tells a story.
    • Create a problem solving world for others to try.
    • Create a Rube Goldberg machine.
    • Important Fact: 1 cube = 1 meter

    How do I start?
    1. Look for this logo   on your desktop and open the folder.
    2. Once you open the folder click on this icon 
    3. Next click the button 
    4. In the drop down menu make sure you click on 
     and click Lunch.
    5. When the Minecraft screen pops up click Single player.
    6. Then click 
    7. Name your World so you know it is yours then click More World Options.
    8. Under World Type click until it says Superflat.
    9. Then make sure to click Allow Cheats and it says ON. Now you can fly!!! 
    10. Now click Create New World and you are ready to go.
    How Do I  Get My Partners to Join my World from Another Computer?
    Watch this video and then read the tip below it.

    Minecraft LAN.mov

    Tip: Once you have set up the LAN World your Partners will need to join in Multiplayer Mode but the original computer will always start in Single Player Mode
    Check out this great video showing how MinecraftEDU is used in the classroom!

    YouTube Video


    YouTube Video


    YouTube Video

    Check out these stadiums!!!!!

    YouTube Video

    Timelapse video. Pretty Sweet!!!
    COMING SOON!!!! A class Minecraft Server for all students to view each other's work.
    How to Present your Minecraft Project:
    So now that you have finished your product how can you show your peers. Well, there are two ways that have been successful in class:
    1st Way: Easy Way
    Use your phone and upload videos and pictures to your Google Drive. Once that is accomplished you can simply copy and paste
     them into a Google Slides presentation and your done.
    2nd way: Best Way
    This is more complicated but the results are WAY better.
    1. Open up QuickTime Player in the search bar located in the top right corner.
    2. Click on File (located in the top let) and then click New Screen Recording. This will allow you to record everything you do on 
    your screen visually but there is no audio to it. Go through your project as if you are giving a tour. Once finished hit Stop 
    3. Save the file to the Desktop. Once there drag and drop it into iMovie.
    4. Once in iMovie you then wan to create a voiceover where you can narrate. Look up top and you will see a tab called Window. 
    Click on it scroll down to Record Voiceover.
    5. Locate the little microphone, click it and start recording the voiceover.
    6. When finished recording it's time to get you project into your Google Drive: Locate the Share button on the iMovie screen 
    and then click File. Once you go through the steps it will download your movie to the desktop. All you have to do once it's
     finished is drag and drop the movie into your Google Drive.
    Here are some of our Shepard's Finest Work

    Minecraft D-day view.mov





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