STEAM Resources

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How to Take a Screen Shot

    • On a Mac: Shift + Command + 4
    • On a PC: Use the Snipping Tool
    • On an iPhone: Sleep Button + Home Button

How to Put Projects in Your Dropbox

    1. Export your project in the correct format. (mov, mp3, jpeg, etc.)
    2. Save your completed project to your desktop. (This will make it much easier to access in the future)
    3. Sign in to your Google drive
    4. Find your CMA Dropbox that Mr. Wolfe/Mr. Ball shared with you at the beginning of the quarter. (Should be in the 'Shared With Me' portion of your Google Drive until you move it)
    5. Open you CMA Dropbox folder and drag your completed project into your folder, drop it and allow it to upload
    6. Your project should now show up in your folder with the proper file extension.

Using Cameras & Equipment

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