Presentation Overview

  • Your final presentation is a chance for you to share your learning journey and final product with your classmates. While we like to present our work in an informal setting, there are still some guidelines that we follow to ensure that we're making the most of our time in class.
    Just like the rest of our class, we want your presentation to reflect your own interests and creative style.  What does that mean? While sticking to the basics is perfectly acceptable, the presentations that stick out to us will be the ones that make your projects memorable. (i.e. screencasts,imovies, easy to follow)
  • While we want you to be creative with your presentation, there still are some guidelines we want to stick to. Don't worry though. These guidelines won't limit you from being your creative self!
    1. Please limit your presentation to no more than two to three minutes.
    2. Both partners should take an active role in the presentation whether it's live or recorded.
    3. Practice and proofread your work! There is nothing worse than a great presentation filled with misspelled words, confusion, and technical errors. 
    4. Your presentation should cover the following topics (and more if you choose):
      • Your SMART Goal
      • How your project connects to the outside world or what job does this project relate to.
      • Some challenges you faced (2 or 3)
      • What new skills did you learn? What new technology/kit did you use? What was innovative about your project?
      • Your Final Product - or whatever you were able to complete in the time given.