• The Teacher's College Reading and Writing Project Units of Study will be implemented for reading and writing in all Wilmot classrooms. The Teachers College work is made up of some of the greatest minds in literacy instruction and decades of research in some of the most high achieving schools in the country.

    The focus of the program is to foster a community of readers and writers that set rigorous goals in literacy. This new series offers a planned, sequential, explicit reading and writing program, with instruction that gives students repeated opportunities to build their skills and apply their strategies in both fiction and nonfiction reading and writing. Students will also receive explicit feedback at frequent intervals. Children will learn that if they apply strategies, work hard, revise their first understandings, and get help, their reading and writing will get visibly and dramatically better, right before their eyes.

    The following pieces make up our literacy block:

    • read aloud
    • mini lesson w/ active engagement
    • independent work time w/ conferencing
    • share
    • small group
    • word work

  • Unit Sequence

    1. Launch (first 2 weeks of school)
    2. Interpreting Characters: The Heart of the Story
    3. Reading the Weather, Reading the World
    4. Social Issues Book Clubs
    5. Reading History: The American Revolution
    6. Fantasy Book Clubs