Introduction to Response to Intervention

  • Children learn and grow in different ways. Some children need more support or supervision than others. A major concern for parents, as well as teachers, is how to help children who are experiencing difficulty in school. Everyone wants to see a child succeed, and it can be very frustrating when a child falls behind or experiences social emotional difficulties.

    Four critical questions drive the work of DPS 109 staff members:

    1. What is it we want our students to know and be able to do?
    2. How will we know if they have learned it?
    3. What do we do if they have not learned it?
    4. What do we do if they have already learned it?

    The district uses a problem solving model called Response to Intervention (RtI) to address the third critical question by identifying the needs of students who are struggling and providing an early intervention to prevent long-term difficulties.