• Activities with a Social Studies theme.


    Here are some of the activities - plus a couple more - that students can do if they finish classwork early. Parents and guardians may enjoy them, too!

    Upfront magazine - You can log in as a student. Our class password is D4ushistory.

    iCivics - Players can run for president or learn how a Supreme Court Justice is chosen. Former Supreme Court Justic Sandra Day O'Connor was instrumental in getting this site going.

    English Online International Newspapers - Read the news of other countries. Get a different perspective.

    Newseum - Front Pages - See what news is making the front page of newspapers across the U.S.

    GeoGuessr - How good are your geography skills?

    Crash Course - Author John Green does (somewhat humorous) videos on a variety of topics. Most run 10-15 minutes. Fun and informative!