Math Philosophy

Students working on math assignment


  • In order to “provide innovative educational experiences of the highest quality that engage, inspire, and empower each student,” District 109 recognizes that mathematics curriculum, instruction, assessment and mindset are dynamic, intellectually challenging, and personalized to the diverse needs of students. District 109 believes that developing and implementing a clearly articulated, coherent sequence of assessed standards focused on important and meaningful mathematics is essential to the success of our students. All students will make sense of rigorous mathematics in ways that are creative, interactive and relevant in heterogeneous classrooms. Mathematics instruction includes a balance of conceptual, procedural, and application-based learning that meets the needs of all students. To attain this vision:

    • Students are provided the opportunity to demonstrate and apply skills, knowledge, and understanding in a variety of formats.
    • Teachers select and implement mathematical tasks to engage students’ interest and intellect.
    • Teachers continuously select and implement assessments to monitor student learning and progress towards explicit learning targets, guide instruction, and support instructional decisions.
    • Teachers continuously evaluate and reflect on the ways in which they utilize resources and apply best practices.
    • Students flexibly move across a continuum of skills aligned to the Common Core State Standards, and are not limited by grade level. Students demonstrate depth of understanding of grade level standards and beyond.
    • Teachers make appropriate decisions about the use of technology to enhance instruction and learning of mathematical concepts and proficiencies.