Identification for EL Services

  • Initial Student Identification: A certified EL teacher screens all students whose families answer "yes" to one or both questions on the Home Language Survey. Students will receive an individual language proficiency assessment within 30 days of their enrollment in the District. Students identified as limited English proficient based on the assessment scores are eligible to receive services from the TPI instructor. Parents are notified of this eligibility.

    Continuing Student Enrollment: Students moving into the District who have previously qualified for TPI services are eligible to continue to participate in the program. Parents are notified.

    Annual Assessment (ACCESS) Testing: Students in grades K-8 who are in the TPI program are annually evaluated for English proficiency in their home schools using a state-adopted assessment (ACCESS).

    What is the ACCESS Test?

    • A measure of how English Learners are progressing in their acquisition of English in speaking, listening, reading, and writing
    • Results of the test are reported in June
    • Students must receive a composite score of 4.8 in order to be exited from the TPI program.

    Students who do not meet the exit criteria continue in the program. Parents are notified of any change in a child’s eligibility.