Focus Groups: New Superintendent Profile

  • Focus Groups: New Superintendent Profile

    Members of the Board of Education of District 109 request your assistance in developing a leadership profile that will be used in the search for a new Superintendent. All responses are confidential. Please email if you would like to submit your comments in writing.

    Which group is most representative of your interaction with the School District? ___Parent ___Teacher ___Administrator ___Support Staff ___Community/Business ___Other

    1. List your District’s greatest strengths and attributes. Why would a new Superintendent want to come to this District?
    2. List your District’s greatest challenges and/or barriers to success. What should a new Superintendent know before he or she accepts this responsibility?
    3. List the most important areas of focus for the new Superintendent in the first year besides getting to know the people and practices of the district. Where should the new Superintendent put his/her efforts in year one?
    4. Assuming honesty and ethical behavior, describe the most important areas of knowledge and skills the next Superintendent needs to possess to be successful.
    5. What else would you like to say about the selection of the next Superintendent?