What is 109 Online?
  • Purpose 

    District 109 strives to provide all students with access to continuous learning opportunities using a combination of technology-based instruction (asynchronous), as well as face-to-face interactions (synchronous). District 109 will continue to strive to achieve its mission to provide innovative educational experiences of the highest quality that engage, inspire and empower each student to excel and contribute to improving the world.

    Instructional Philosophy

    Many instructional strategies that 109 educators effectively utilize in-person can also be deployed remotely. These items will remain a focal point of high-quality instruction in an improved virtual learning environment. 

    • An adjusted scope and sequence with a specific focus on mastery of critical grade-level or course content standards, while also strategically spiraling material from the spring; 
    • Collaborative opportunities so students can share their learning with a supporting adult and/or their peers;
    • Activities that promote active participation to increase engagement and ensure that learning can be demonstrated;
    • Whole-group and small-group work that facilitate targeted instruction and opportunities for more specific feedback;
    • Strategies that inspire a gradual release of responsibility and empower independence in the child; 
    • A collaborative model and schedule that allows for embedded student services supports; and 
    • Social-emotional learning experiences that promote care and positive classroom culture.

    Additional Improvements from the Spring:

    • More Frequent Synchronous, Live Instruction
    • Teachers will be in classrooms to guide students
    • Embedded student services supports
    • Increased Accountability for Grading and Feedback 
    • Consistent Communication Platforms 
    • Curriculum Revisions to Enhance Student Experience