Virtual Learning Model
  • All Students Will: 


    • follow a daily schedule that closely resembles the school day. 
    • have synchronous Zoom sessions and asynchronous instruction throughout the day. 
    • be able to utilize the Destiny system to hold books for check-out from school libraries. Check-out and return procedures will be outlined by the Library Information Specialists at each school. 
    • continue to have access to a district-issued device, digital tools, and needed materials. Dates and times will be established for pick-up of these items. 
    • continue to be graded per the District 109 grading practices. Traditional grades will be given in the middle schools and standards will be assessed in the elementary schools.  
    • have continued access to Net 56, 109’s technology service provider, when encountering problems with the device and to the District 109 Innovation Specialist for questions regarding digital learning tools.

  • Elementary Students Will: 


    • Follow the same schedule in remote learning that is followed in-person. This allows for continuity of instruction and an easier transition when returning in-person. 
    • Connect via Zoom daily for Morning Meeting, Reading, Writing, and Math Instruction. This may include direct teaching of the mini-lesson or facilitation of small groups.
    • Participate in each elementary special (PE, Music, Art, and STEM) via Zoom one day per week and asynchronously one day per week. Library Information Specialists will connect with classes via Zoom one time per week. Students should expect one synchronous special per day. 
    • Receive a weekly schedule no later than Sunday evening. This schedule will show when students will receive instruction via Zoom each day and when they will access instruction through the virtual learning platform. 
    • Receive a laminated schedule with materials at the beginning of the year to have a visual model of the daily routine for reference at home. 
  • Middle School Students Will:


    • Follow the same daily schedule that will be followed in-person.
    • Sign into Zoom with their teacher at the beginning of each class, where attendance will be taken. 
    • Participate in all synchronous sessions for the purposes of direct instruction, small group instruction, or support on assigned tasks.
    • Be prepared to engage in synchronous and asynchronous learning activities throughout the school day (8:00-3:00).