• September 1, 2020

    District 109 Parents, Guardians, Staff, and Community:

    As you know, the Board of Education is in the process of finding the next Superintendent of Schools in District 109 who will begin his or her work next July. We are partnering with the search firm School Exec Connect to get your feedback and develop a profile for who the ideal candidate will be.

    The Board seeks your input through participation in a survey and/or a focus group. The deadline for completing the survey is September 20. 

    Focus group participation will take place via Zoom to respect the need for social distancing at this time. Here is an example of the questions that will be asked. Focus groups will be set up for employees of each school as well as for parents. Open Zoom meetings for community members will also be available. A full schedule of all Zoom Focus Group meetings will be published this week. If you are not able to attend a Zoom focus group, you may fill out the questions that are used in the focus group and submit responses to yonkelinda@gmail.com.

    We look forward to your participation in the survey and/or in a focus group. Thank you for your interest in this important step in finding a new leader for District 109.

    Nick Begley
    President, Deerfield Public Schools District 109 Board of Education

    School Exec Connect: 
    Dr. Linda Yonke -- yonkelinda@gmail.com
    Dr. Ben Martindale  -- benmartindale56@hotmail.com