• Strategic Plan Progress 

    In 2017, the Deerfield Public Schools District 109 Board of Education adopted a new strategic plan to guide the district's work for the coming years. We are happy to use this page to update the community on the administration's progress toward achieving the goals and objectives laid out by the Board and community. Each objective will be updated at least three times annually in September, January, and June.  

    You can also find our strategic plan progress and information about our schools on ECRA's Strategic Dashboard

Goal 1 - Student Success

  • Objective 1.1 - Determine and address each student's unique learning needs, interests and strengths.

  • Objective 1.2 - Optimize academic growth of each student

  • Objective 1.3 - Work Together with families and staff to address the social-emotional learning needs of each student.

  • Objective 1.4 - Ensure a consistent and balanced assessment system to support the Portrait of a Graduate.

  • Objective 1.5 - Ensure a consistent grading and reporting system that provides clear and meaningful feedback on student progress.

  • Objective 1.6 - Increase parent-teacher communication about each student's educational progress.

Goal 2 - Teaching Learning & Innovation

  • Objective 2.1 - Establish and communicate clear learning standards in every classroom as the expectation for each student and the limit for no student.

  • Objective 2.2 - Provide full support for successful implementation of new initiatives that improve learning.

  • Objective 2.3 - Integrate current and emerging technologies to enhance pedagogy and student learning.

  • Objective 2.4 - Evaluate at least two District programs annually, developing and implementing a plan to address any areas needing improvement.

  • Objective 2.5 - Increase experiential learning opportunities for each student.

  • Objective 2.6 - Provide relevant professional learning, which targets the needs of each staff member.

Goal 3 - Governance and Operations

  • Objective 3.1 - Provide a positive and safe environment.

  • Objective 3.2 - Attract, develop, and retain high quality staff.

  • Objective 3.3 - Evaluate the return on investment of expenditures on educational programs and facility improvements.

  • Objective 3.4 - Ensure the long-term facilities plan supports learning.

  • Objective 3.5 - Provide targeted, relevant and transparent communication to all stakeholders.

  • Objective 3.6 - Build partnerships with the community to support and enhance student learning.