Arrival, Dismissal, and Inclement Weather
  • Students are expected to arrive at school on time. Students enter the building at 8:35am, and classes begin at 8:40am.

Rules of the Road

  • The new Wilmot parking lot provides a smoother flow of traffic and better safety. 

    Entering the West (Side) Parking Lot
    • Pull past the primary playground (don’t drop off or pick up children along the playground).
    • Pull as far forward as possible into “Pick Up Drop Off” lane along the curb.
    • After you drop off or pick up your child, continue through the lane.
      • If you want to head east on Deerfield Road, take a right into the north (front) lot. Watch for pedestrians in the crosswalk (there is a crossing guard).
      • Otherwise, take a left and follow the curve to exit onto Wilmot Road.
      • During pick up and drop off, you may not take a left turn onto Deerfield Road from the front parking lot (school buses only will be able to make a left turn).
    • Vehicles in the “Pick Up Drop Off” and bypass lanes can take a right into the front parking lot in order to exit eastbound to Deerfield Road. Be courteous and careful merging, and obey the crossing guard’s signals.
    Entering the North (Front) Parking Lot
    • The lane along the curb by the building is for buses only.
    • Pull as far forward as possible into “Pick Up Drop Off” lane, located along the new median that separates the bus area from the rest of the parking lot.
      • You can let out your child to walk to the crosswalk at the east end of the median. There is no crossing guard at that crosswalk, but the only traffic that crosses over the crosswalk are buses and vehicles that have parked in handicapped parking. Bus drivers have been alerted to the crosswalk and will be on the lookout for pedestrians.  
      • You can stop your car and walk your child to the front of the building. There is no lengthy parking in this lane – please only leave your car for a quick trip to walk your child across to the sidewalk.
    • Exit by taking a right turn out of the lot. During pick up and drop off, there is no left turn on Deerfield Road from the front parking lot (except for school buses).
    Pedestrian Safety
    • Pedestrians: Use crosswalks whenever possible. The crosswalk leading from the sidewalk along Deerfield Road to the sidewalk to the building will be staffed with a crossing guard.  
    • Drivers: Always yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.
    Also Remember
    • To ensure a smooth and quick pick up at the end of the day, please make sure your child knows where to meet you.
    • Do not drop students off prior to 8:25.
    • NEVER enter through the exit.

Security Procedures

    • Students will only be dismissed to a parent or legal guardian, or to emergency contacts designed in Family Access.

      All of the exterior school doors are locked at all times during the school day, and all visitors are required to enter through the front office, sign in, and present their photo ID.  Students arriving late must go directly to the office with a parent/guardian and sign in.  All students leaving early must be signed out by a parent/guardian.

Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather Policy

  • For inside arrival in bad weather, students in K-2 line up in the GMA (small gym at the back of the building) and students in grades 3-5 line up in the gym.

    During snow season, children should wear winter coats, snow pants, boots, gloves and hats each day.  Children who are not dressed appropriately will be restricted to the blacktop area in order to keep their clothes dry.  We suggest parents keep an extra set of clothes in school in case their child gets wet during recess.



  • Click Here for DPS 109's Inclement Weather Closure Policy