•  SHIELD SHIELD Testing at DPS 109 Facilities

    Deerfield Public Schools District 109 is pleased to work with SHIELD Illinois to provide saliva-based screening testing for students and staff. Please check out the FAQ below for more information.

    Reminder: "No news is good news." If the test result is negative, you will NOT hear from anyone at DPS 109. Also, please remember that test turnaround times are longer than last year. It can take up to 48 hours for results to come in.

  • SHIELD Illinois Website Click here to visit their site.


  • What is SHIELD testing?

    SHIELD is an innovative, saliva-based test created by the University of Illinois. You can read more about it at https://www.uillinois.edu/shield

    How often will testing occur?

    Our plan calls to test in each building one day per week, as recommended by SHIELD Illinois. This will be the same day each week (excluding special circumstances) which will allow for greater schedule consistency for students. We will evaluate how our testing protocol is going and may determine at some point that more or less frequent testing is needed.

    Is SHIELD testing mandatory to attend school?

    Unlike last year, in 2021-2022 testing is optional. All families need to sign a consent form prior to their student participating in SHIELD testing.

    Why optional this year when it was mandatory last year?

    Last year, we were able to mandate SHIELD testing for those electing to attend in-person because there was a comparable fully remote option for those who didn't want to test. There is not that option this year.

    Where/when is the testing?

    All testing will take place at each of our six schools. Classes will have assigned times on their testing day. All testing will take place during the school day.

    Who is doing the testing?

    Testing teams are hired by Passport Health to supervise the testing implementation and ensure proper steps are followed.

    Why does the testing take place at school? Why not do it at home?

    Testing must take place in school due to CLIA protocols and to ensure that test takers are not eating or drinking prior to testing.

    How long do students have to wait after eating or drinking to test?

    Last year, SHIELD Illinois put a one-hour wait in place. This year, they have recommended we modify that to 30 minutes.

    Where can I find the town hall that DPS 109 did with SHIELD Illinois?

    Here is a link to the one-hour town hall held on Thursday, February 4, 2021.

    Do I have to pay for the SHIELD test?

    It is free for students and staff. The state of Illinois is picking up the cost of the testing.

    When are results available?

    Samples will be picked up daily by a courier and transported to a SHIELD Illinois lab. Results will generally be available within 48-hours.

    How will I get my (student's) results?

    If the test is negative, you will not hear from the school district.
    If the test is positive, a school nurse or administrator will call the positive individual or their parent/guardian.

    Will my child's pediatrician get a copy of the results?

    The school district will not send a copy of your child's test results to their pediatrician. Per state protocols, IDPH automatically receives notice of a positive case