Define 109
  • Define 109 was an initiative to refresh the mission and vision of Deerfield Public Schools District 109, and then create a strategic plan to get us where we want to go. In this listening phase, we want to hear from you. The voice of every student, staff member, parent/guardian, and community member matters in forming this definition.

    In October 2021, survey feedback was collected from hundreds of middle school students and our staff. We held one virtual and three in-person community feedback opportunities as well. In November we launched the first of two ThoughtExchange opportunities that will help shape the vision work that lies ahead. The second ThoughtExchange question was launched in December based on the results of feedback collected.

    In 2022, we shifted to the drafting phase of Define 109. A study session was held by a group of 20 individuals representing the Board, staff, administration, and parents/guardians to evaluate the feedback thus far and draft our refreshed mission and vision. After several revisions, the new mission & vision of the district was approved by the Board at their March meeting. The new mission & vision was installed for the 2022-2023 school year, along with a new strategic plan for the district.

    We would like to thank all participants for your devotion and passion to the students of this district and for helping define the future of Deerfield Public Schools District 109.

  • New Mission:

    District 109: Where challenging experiences foster confidence, collaborative relationships build community, and creative environments ignite curiosity.


    New Vision:

    We will develop each student to be emotionally resilient, socially skilled, and academically prepared by forging connections within, across, and beyond our classrooms, and by embracing each student's uniqueness.

Define 109 Timeline