• Master Facility Planning Underway

    DPS 109 has begun the master facility planning process, which will help us determine the short and long-term needs to make our schools the best educational and working environment possible for students and staff. As teaching and learning strategies change and evolve, so must our school buildings. We have been working with ARCON Associates, an educational architecture firm, to assess our current facilities and survey peer educational facilities as a part of this process. We will continue to be financially responsible, intentional, and transparent as we move forward.

    Here are our goals when planning for our future:

    • Create a long-range roadmap for the DPS 109 facilities prioritized by and aligned with the District's educational mission and the communities' goals for learning, and responding to the highest priorities from the physical and educational assessments.
    • Provide an open opportunity for widespread community and stakeholder engagement. 

  • Master Facility Plan Phases

    Below are the phases of the Master Facility Plan thus far. Please keep in mind as we go through this process that all dates and phases are subject to change. We want to continue being responsible and thoughtful in the planning process. We will continue to update our stakeholders as we move forward. 

Buildings Built and Last Renovated Dates
  • As stated above, this is a dynamic process subject to change. Our commitment to you is to keep you updated through this webpage, 109 News, and other means necessary so that you know the latest developments.