Stay Connected

  • The District values input from stakeholders, and actively seeks that input through surveys and focus groups, at Board of Education meetings, and at special programs. Community members often are invited to participate in special task force initiatives, as well as on strategic planning teams. In addition to this website, we use multiple channels and tools to connect with our community. If you have questions or suggsetions about communication in District 109, please contact:

    Becca Latham 
    Director of Communications
    (847) 945-1844 x7238


  • District 109 uses Blackboard Mass Notification to send messages to parents and staff. You can update your contact information in Family Access, or through the login sent to you by the District.

    If you're a community member without children in District 109 schools, you can sign up to be on our email list. We regularly send news and information to the greater community, and ask for your input. 

Social Media

  • Facebook, Twitter and other social networks make it easy for our community to connect with District 109 and our schools. We support and encourage active use of social media by our teachers and staff; we want to share all the great things happening around the District, and make it easy for you to reach us and get the information you want, where and when you want it.  

    Visit our list of social media accounts that are connected to District 109. Some Facebook groups or other accounts are available only to those students or parents who are affiliated with a particular class or group. To request membership in a closed group, contact the classroom teacher or the group's leader.

Community Newsletter

  • District 109 strives to provide targeted, relevant and transparent communication to all stakeholders both internally and externally. In an effort to provide communication to the Deerfield community, we have created a community newsletter which will be sent out twice a year. 

    Fall 2019

    Winter 2019


Deerfield Farmer's Market

  • Twice each summer, you can find the superintendent, Board of Education members and coordinator of communiations & community relations at the Deerfield Farmers Market. Stop by to ask questions, give suggestions, or just say hello! 

Podcast: Sound Around 109

  • The Sound Around 109 podcast offers an opportunity for community members to tune in when they want, where they want, to hear in-depth conversations with teachers, staff and students about what’s happening in District 109 schools. Episodes are apporoximately 15-20 mintues each. Click here for the full list of episodes.

Guidelines for Communication

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

Deerfield 109 Mobile App

  • app screenshot The Deerfield 109 mobile app is a tool to keep you connected, when you want, right from your mobile phone or tablet. Please download the app from the App Store or Google Play, or search either store for "Deerfield 109."  

    You'll be asked to set up your app by selecting your school(s); choose from the list and select the schools that are important to you. Then, you'll see the calendars for those schools and receive notifications through the app with important school-specific information. 

    Parents will receive emails with login credentials to be able to get information about their children. Please contact Becca Latham if you need your login information sent to you. When you log in, you can add new email addresses and phone numbers (for phone calls and text messages), and select your notification preferences. You have control! 

     Important notes:

    • If you want to receive both phone calls and text messages to a cell phone, enter that phone number in both the "phone numbers" and "text/sms numbers" sections.
    • Though there is a link, do not add new home addresses in the app. If you need to update your home address, please see the Registration & Residency page for change of address procedures. 


  • In order to comply with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, websites must meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) as instituted by the World Wide Web. District 109 is committed to ensuring accessibility of its website for students, parents, and members of the community with disabilities. If you have any issues accessing information on the website, please contact Becca Latham, the Director of Communications.