Social Emotional Learning

  • An important element of District 109’s commitment to the whole child is attention to the social-emotional needs and health of each of our students. Students develop social and emotional skills through effective classroom instruction, student engagement in positive activities in and out of school. Each school has individualized programing designed to enhance social emotional development. For students who may need some additional supports, there is a school social worker and psychologist assigned to each school. Additionally, each middle school has a school counselor. These professionals are available to any student and parent. Please contact your child’s school if you wish to speak to a clinical professional.

Resources for Supporting Students

Suicide Prevention

  • The Netflix series 13 Reasons Why has sparked conversations in our community and across the country about the issue of teen suicideThe fictional miniseries is based on a book in which a high school student leaves behind tape recordings detailing why she took her own life. The show depicts strong and graphic themes of suicide, bullying, sexual assault, drug use and other social issues. Parents, grandparents and caregivers should be aware this series is popular among middle school students, and how their viewing might impact them. If you have not already done so, please check with your children to see if they are viewing this show.

    Even though the series is fictional, some young people may have a difficult time discerning fiction from reality. The series is rated MA for mature audiences and may not be appropriate for all students. Our counselors and social workers note that students who may have vulnerabilities to this content include those with any mental health issues, those who demonstrate at-risk behaviors, and those who have had suicidal thoughts.

Suicide Prevention Resources

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