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Social Studies in 109

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District 109’s core social studies program revolves around the C-3 Framework which is designed to prepare students for College, Career and Civic life. Developed by NCSS (National Council Social Studies), the framework is predicated upon “a common belief that our democratic republic will not sustain unless students are aware of their changing cultural and physical environments; know the past; read, write, and think deeply; and act in ways that promote the common good”(C-3). The state of Illinois has created its own grade level specific standards that parallel and reinforce the C-3 framework. The core curriculum in District 109 utilizes and promotes the social studies framework and standards established both at the national and state levels.

While a variety of creative instructional models are used in delivering a high quality program, a key component of each unit of study is the Inquiry Arc. The Arc focuses on the nature of inquiry in general and the pursuit of knowledge through questions. It includes four dimensions or stages of delivery:

Instructional best practices in K-8 social studies classrooms includes the following:

  • Developing Questions and Planning Inquiry: At this stage, compelling and supporting questions are used as a central element of the teaching and learning process.
  • Applying Disciplinary Concepts and Tools: The disciplines of civics, economics, geography, and history are used to find answers to the inquiry questions.
  • Evaluating Sources and Using Evidence: A wide range of primary and secondary sources are utilized to further investigate compelling questions.
  • Communicating Conclusion and Taking Informed Action: Students showcase the answer to the compelling question through individual essays, group projects, presentations, and/or community actions.
Best Practices K-8 Social Studies Chart.  the chart is the same information as written above.


Core Instructional Resources:

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Curriculum Maps