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eLearning in 109

The Teaching and Learning Department and school teams have prepared for eLearning and we are pleased to provide the following guidance. 

During eLearning days, our families/students will receive daily communication from their classroom teachers. Below are some details of what an eLearning day includes in District 109: 

  1. An eLearning day, per Illinois State Board of Education guidelines, is to include 5 hours of instructional time-on-task. This time will include meeting with the teacher(s) via Google Meet; and, it may also include activities such as reading, using online tools, researching, completing practice assignments, and more.   

    four students at a table using their chromebooks
  2. When an elearning day is announced by the district, families can expect to receive an email from the building principal to provide details about the school day.  Information about assignments will come directly to students from the classroom teacher through Seesaw or Google Classroom. 

  3. Students may use any device to participate in the eLearning day(s). The Deerfield 109 Chromebook and iPad are preferred, as this will provide access to the appropriate digital tools. If heavy snow or extreme cold is predicted, and an eLearning day is a possibility, students will be sent home with their iPad or Chromebook and encouraged to charge it overnight.  

  4. Families who do not have access to wifi should contact their building principal for options. The district can provide a wifi hotspot for families in need. Offline activities may also be provided. 

  5. Students who receive special education services, per an Individualized Education Program (IEP), will receive additional guidance on eLearning days from their case manager. 

The goal of an eLearning day is to provide schools with uninterrupted opportunities for teaching and learning even when a closure is necessary. We recognize, however, that an eLearning day may be challenging for some. Schools will partner with families to make the time as meaningful and relevant for students as possible. 

3 E-Learning Quick Tips

Set a Reminder!
Students will begin at the following times:

  • Elementary Schools: 8:40 AM
  • Middle Schools: 8:30 AM

Be READY to log in 5 MINUTES early! A principal email will include eLearning day information, reminders, and links.

Get Logged In!
Teachers will post a Google Meet link in the learning management platform. The learning management platforms are:

  • Elementary Schools: Seesaw
  • Middle Schools: Google Classroom

The student day is as follows:
Elementary Schools: 8:50 - 2:00 (11:30-12:30 lunch)
Middle Schools: 8:30 - 2:00 following an eLearning bell schedule.

  • 6th lunch: 10:11 AM - 10:41
  • 7th lunch: 11:17 AM - 11:47
  • 8th lunch: 12:40 PM - 1:10

Students will meet with their teacher virtually and be given synchronous and asynchronous activities. Assignments will be posted.