School Hours & Schedules

  • School hours are 8:00am – 3:00pm. Doors open at 7:30 am when adult supervision is available in the building. You can view daily schedules, Wednesday Early Release Schedule, and  A-B rotation schedule, DSP109 Student and Parent Handbook, and acceptable foods in classrooms below. 

Caruso Forms, Procedures & Schedules

Absences & Dismissal

  • If your child will be absent, email or call the school nurse at (847) 945-8430, option 3 by 8:00 am. 

    Students will only be dismissed to a parent or legal guardian, or to emergency contacts designed in Family Access.

Key Contact Information

School Supply Lists

Social Emotional Support

  • Caruso staffs two full-time guidance counselors and a psychologist. Parents are welcome to contact any/all with questions or concerns directly:

    Guidance Counselor: Lisa Engel
    Guidance Counselor: Courtney Zafiropolous 
    Psychologist – 



Communication at Caruso

  • There are two primary means that the school uses to connect with families and students.  

    Parents receive Caruso Connect.  Caruso Connect is emailed to parents from the principal and include updates on a variety of topics/information. A link to all archived issues of the newsletter is included at the bottom of each edition.

    Students receive information about upcoming clubs, activities, and other events through our Student Announcements page on the website homepage. 

    Contacting Caruso with Concerns
    If you have a question or concern, you are always welcome to contact an administrator. However, the vast majority of concerns are best addressed between the parent and the teacher. If possible, please contact the teacher first before elevating your concern to school administration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing for School

  • Should my child put together his/her materials prior to the first day of school?
    If your child wants to unpack his/her school supplies prior to the first day of school, he/she is welcome to do so.  However, organizing binders/folders/supplies is an activity teachers will take students through during the first week of school.  Each grade level has unique organizational needs and the teachers will explain these in detail the first week of school.

    What medical forms/information must I turn in to the school?
    Find detailed information about required medical forms/information here.

    What should 6th grade students expect the first week of school?
    Our 6th grade staff does an excellent job transitioning our new students to CMS.  They are understanding and helpful in guiding our students in finding their rooms, operating their lockers, organizing their materials, and so much more.  Do not hesitate to reach out to the team should you have any first year questions.


  • What are the drop off/pick up procedures at Caruso?
    Please respect all traffic signs and stay off your cell phone. You will see building administrators and staff out and about welcoming students and directing traffic. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask. The key points for safety: obey the rules, be patient and respectful, and keep moving!

    Additional notes regarding CMS traffic:

    • Traffic moves clockwise around the building. Do not attempt to travel against the posted traffic flow.
    • You can drop your child off at two locations on the drop-off path. They are the front doors, the 6th grade hallway entrance. Then merge your car left into the drive thru lane to vacate the premises. The 7th grade entrance is reserved solely for bus traffic. It is not a point that parents can drop off students.
    • When buses are leaving the premises, cars must stop and yield! Also, please remember that it is illegal to pass a bus with its stop arm out.
    • Carefully observe the “Traffic Controller” in the intersection of Montgomery and the entrance to the school. When school is in session, he/she will use a stop sign and hand signals and a stop sign to notify you when it is time to enter or exit the premises.
    • The beginning of the afternoon pick-up lane is on the west side of the building. When your child enters the car, you can then merge left into the drive-thru lane to vacate the premises.
    • After school is dismissed in the afternoon we begin holding traffic at the back of the building. This is done in order to allow the buses to make it to the elementary on time. Traffic will be released after the buses vacate their pick-up area.

    Can my child ride a friend’s bus home from school? 
    Yes, but only if your child is normally a rider.  If you want your child to take a different bus home, please send them with a note to the office indicating their normal bus route and the route they would like to ride home for the day.  They will then receive a temporary pass from the office for that day.


  • What fees are paid through the PTO and what is paid to the District?
    Any fees assigned by the District, including the school’s required and optional incidental fees, are viewable and payable in your Family Access account. If you need assistance with Family Access, please contact Kelly Mitchell. If you have questions about a district fee, please contact Jasmen Colon.

    The PTO manages a number of opportunities that, while not required, many families find helpful. You can find more information about the PTO here.

    How do I check if I have paid a District or school fee?
    Log into your Family Access account and click on Fee Management in the left navigation bar; you’ll see all the fees assessed for the current school year, and whether they have been paid or not. If you’re looking for an optional fee (such as paid bus transportation) and it’s not listed, it means that you haven’t yet added it to your account. You can view the Family Access User Guide for detailed information on how to add optional fees and how to make online payments.

    How do I check if I have paid a fee through the PTO?
    To see if you have already purchased a PTO item, please login to “My Account” on the Caruso PTO page.

    How do I order a yearbook?
    You don’t order or pay for your yearbook through Family Access – you place your order directly from the vendor. Look for information about yearbooks via Currently at Caruso!