Welcome to Walden

  • This page provides information essential to Walden families to help ease your transition to a new school community. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Mrs. Strenger, principal, at sstrenger@dps109.org or Mrs. Lau, assistant principal, at clau@dps109.org, at any time. 

Walden's Mission Statement

  • Provide innovative educational experiences of the highest quality that engage, inspire and empower each student to excel and contribute to improving the world.

School and Lunch Hours

  • School Hours Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Friday

    AM Session
    8:40  – 11:05 

    PM Session

    1:00  - 3:25 


    School Hours for Wednesday's

    AM Session

    8:40 - 10:35

    PM Session

    12:30 - 2:25







Family Access

  • District 109 offers Family Access, a secure, web-based service that helps create a strong connection between home and school. With a login account to Family Access – which you should have received soon after registering your child – parents and guardians can view school-related information online (including progress reports) and update certain contact information. If you have more than one child in District 109 schools, you see information about all of your children under one login.

    Teachers, PTOs, schools and the District use this contact information for important regular communication, so it’s important to keep your contact information current in Family Access.

    For detailed information about this important system, view the Family Access User Guide (which also is posted on the District 109 home page)

School Supplies

  • The Walden PTO graciously coordinates school supply packs that simplify the school supply ordering process for our families. As a new family, if registering after the end of May, you have quite possibly missed the deadline and will need to purchase school supplies on your own.

    Please click here to see the grade level school supply requirements if you have missed the deadline to purchase through the PTO or if you would like to purchase school supplies on your own regardless of your registration date.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Laura Biank at lbiank78@aol.com or Anne Fronczak at aafronczak@gmail.com

Special Programming

  • At Walden, our students participate in “specials” classes, including:

    • Art – twice weekly (30 minutes each)
    • Music – twice weekly (30 minutes each)
    • PE- three times a week (30 minutes each)
    • Library Media Center (LMC) – one time weekly (30 minutes)
    • SmartLab /STEAM- twice weekly (30 minutes each)


  • Recess is held outdoors every day except for rain and severe cold below 15 degrees (with the windchill). Students are encouraged to dress accordingly – with jackets, gloves, hats, scarves, boots, snow pants, etc.


  • We go outside for recess when temperatures are 15 degrees and above (with the windchill) and we stay inside when temperature are 14 degrees and below (with the windchill). This applies to morning line up and recess. As the temperatures continue to drop in the winter months, we ask our students to dress properly with hats, gloves, boots, snowpants, etc, as needed. Additionally, students are required to wear gym shoes for physical education class, so please keep a spare pair in your child’s locker. For very wet weather, you may want to have a spare pair of jeans and socks in the locker so your child can change into dry clothes if needed. 

    Students are allowed to leave gym shoesn, snow pants, etc. at school. 

Birthday Celebrations

  • On your child’s birthday, we call their name over the loud speaker and they come to the office for a birthday pencil, a book of their choosing, and a paper crown. Summer birthdays get called on the last day of school in June. We do not celebrate birthdays in the classrooms with treats.

Drop-Off Procedures & Tardiness



    Drop off and pick up procedures. What are the parking lot rules for each grade? When it’s too cold or wet to lineup outside are the kid to kid still supposed to be walked around to that door or should they go in the front?

    • The inside lane should be used for pick up
    • The outside lane should be use for exiting the premises once you have your child(ren) (PM) or have dropped off your child(ren) (AM)
    • Remain bumper to bumper with the car in front of you - continue to move forward
    • Be cognizant of traffic behind you (be aware that you may have to move up)
    • Stay off of your mobile phones - cell phone use is against the law in school zones
    • NEVER get out of your car and leave it unattended
    • Double parking/standing is prohibited
    • The lot goes back to one lane at the exit so merge safely and patiently
    • You might have to drive around the entire lot due to traffic flow - DO NOT block traffic looking for your child (think of O’Hare airport)
    • If you want/need to meet your child at the doors, park legally on the village streets and walk to the building
    • Trust that your child is safe. We have two staff supervisors outside every day in addition to Mrs. Lau and myself.
    • When the temperature is 15 degrees or above, we are outside. When the temperature is 14 degrees or below (or raining, of course), we bring our students inside and/or do not go outside for recess. 
    • If it's raining at morning drop off, kids will be let in the front, main doors. 


  • If your child is ill, please send an email to waldenattendance@dps109.org, use the Paperless PTO app or call the 847-945-9660, option 3 by 8:40am on the first day of absence or if your child will not return after lunch. If you know your child will be absent in advance, complete an advance request form and turn it into the nurse prior to the date of absence.

    If you wish to pick up homework for a child who has been absent, please call the school office to request it. Homework will be available for pick up in the school office after 3:25pm.


  • Students will only be dismissed to a parent or legal guardian, or to emergency contacts designed in Family Access.

Health Information

  • Walden has a full time, registered nurse (Mrs. Bredemeier – available at rbredemeier@dps109.org) on staff that provides quality care and support of our students. Please click here to access medical forms you may need to complete as a part of the registration process and to read about District 109’s health policies.

Staff Communication

  • The principal writes a weekly email entitled “Walden Weekly.” The school administration is also available via email or phone call at any time. Staff use a variety of methods to keep their parents in the loop and they have autonomy in the ways they choose to communicate. Below is a list of some of the ways our teacher(s) may communicate in order to set up our students for success…

Allergy Plan and Snack Guidelines

  • District 109 adopted a progressive allergy plan in 2014 that keeps our students with allergies safe and promotes healthy eating habits. You may click here to access the full allergy plan, but here is an excerpt on our classroom snack policy.



  • Our PTO provides valuable programs and services to benefit our students and families. To get started, we encourage all families to register their email to start receiving communications and, come Fall, become a member of the Walden PTO. There are great benefits to being a member, such as getting access to a student-directory app for your phone/tablet!

    You may click this link to go directly to the PTO website see about other services they provide. Here are links to some of the highlights: