The Leader in Me

Kipling: A Leader in Me School

  • Kipling Elementary School is proud to adopt The Leader in Me process beginning the 2015-2016 school year.  The Leader in Me is a school change process based on Steven Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and strives to provide students the life skills they will need to be successful in anything.  You can also visit The Leader in Me Website for more information.

    The Leader in Me Parent Guide – The Leader in Me Parent Guide will give you ideas and lessons in how to support and implement the language of The Leader in Me and the 7 Habits in your own home.

Leadership Teams

  • At Kipling, we are focused on developing leadership skills within our students. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate these skills in many ways, both within their classrooms as well as through special clubs and teams offered by staff. All students have the opportunity to participate in planning and leading monthly leadership assemblies by grade level teams.

    In addition to the leadership opportunities above, the Kipling Staff have established specific leadership teams to guide and support leadership within our school. These teams will allow students to pursue their interests and develop their leadership skills in various ways.

    Below is a list of the leadership teams we will have this year.

    • Innovation Team
    • Green Team
    • Student Greeting Team
    • Safety Team
    • Student Lighthouse Team
    • Lunch Leaders
    • Student Ambassador Team

November Leadership Badge Winners

  • Before each Leadership Assembly teachers nominate children in their classes that have shown strong leadership skills during that month.  During the assembly their names are announced for the whole school to hear, and after the assembly the selected leaders come down to the office to claim their leadership bage.   

    Kindergarten: Sam G., Kennedy D., Courtney C., Jazzy B., Charlie B., Hannah K., Piper G., and Harrison M.
    First Grade: Kate L., Braulio P., Megan W., Brayden A., Kaitie W., Nolan W., Luke S., and Gaby M.
    Second Grade: Adrienne L., cole K., Laney S., Finn N., Benton B., and Isabella M.
    Third Grade: Eli D. and Gabbie S.
    Fourth Grade: Tommy Y., Olivia B., Olivia K., Isaac B., Briana G., Max S., Ryder T., Jordan C., and Josh B.
    Fifth Grade: Maya C., Jailen B., Jessica E., Miles S., Chloe L., Matthew H., and Rachael O.