Superintendent Search

  • On December 12, District 109 Superintendent Mike Lubelfeld announced that he will become the superintendent of schools in North Shore School District 112 beginning July 1, 2018. The District 109 Board of Education immediately began a superintendent search process to select a successor superintendent to start on July 1.

Characteristics of the District 109 Superintendent

  • The Superintendent of District 109 is responsible for maintaining the high achievement, positive culture and continued growth of the schools and students. Desired characteristics fall into three categories that define the success of Distriction 109: 

    Vision & Leadership

    • Understands the 2017 Strategic Plan and how it guides the future of the District, and fosters a collaborative vision of that future among the Board, all employees, students, parents and community members. 
    • Engages, inspires and empowers the professional growth of staff 
    • Expects accountability from teachers, staff and administrators, and accepts that the highest and final accountability rests with the superintendent
    • Faces challenges directly and welcomes difficult conversations 

    Instruction & Innovation 

    • Inspires an approach to instruction that is always student centered and growth driven
    • Has an innovator's mindset with an understanding of the ever-evolving role of technology in education
    • Understands leading educational research and its relevance in a high-achieving environment
    • Seeks to learn best practices and gain new ideas from other districts and institutions

    Communication & Relationships 

    • Fosters strong, honest and meaningful relationships with all stakeholders
    • Embraces clear and transparent two-way communication through multiple methods to ensure trust and respect
    • Actively cultivates a positive staff culture
    • Develops strategic alliances with community partners, educational organizations, and local businesses to embolden support of the District
    • Speaks passionately about the District's mission, its accomplishments and the possibilities and paths of success for students and staff
Students in music lab
Student leading a lesson

Search Process

  • The search is being facilitated for the Board by the Dr. Dale Fisher, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources. The process will include initial application review and screening interviews, initial in-person interviews of candidates who meet the extensive criteria, and interviews of top candidates by an input team that includes administrators, staff, teachers, parents and students. 

    The Board will establish a timeline and will provide frequent updates on the search process to the community here. 

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