Re-Entry Task Force LATEST

Creation of the Task Force:


    • The Interim Superintendents informed the Board of Education (BOE) of their intent to form a committee to help develop administrative recommendations related to re-opening to in-person learning. 
    • On July 27, 2020, the BOE approved a resolution allowing the Interim Superintendents to seek information, input and assistance from persons and constituencies as the Interim Superintendents deemed necessary, and in such form and format as they determined.
    • The Interim Superintendents opted for a larger Task Force format/structure in order to ensure input from all constituencies (BOE, Central Office Admin., Building-Level Admin., Parents, Teachers, and Support Staff).
    • The Interim Superintendents, collaborating with the BOE representatives on the Task Force, selected the other Task Force members to ensure that all schools of the District were adequately represented and the Task Force had members with relevant medical and scientific knowledge, backgrounds, and experience or operational knowledge and experience of the various schools.
    • The Task Force structure is efficient, comprehensive and inclusive.

Operation of the Task Force:

    • The Task Force is intended to be an administrative work group focusing on internal operations of the School District related to re-opening to in-person learning.  It seeks to form a consensus regarding how to handle issues related to re-opening so that the Administration can formulate plans, programs, and recommendations.
    • The Task Force does not have any decision-making authority and is purely advisory to the Administration.  It does not take any formal actions and cannot bind the School District to any obligation.
    • The Task Force Co-Chairs or Interim Superintendent’s may further break-down the Task Force into discrete sub-groups to focus on specific issues. 
    • The Task Force reports to the Administration, but may present information to the Board in an effort to keep the community informed of its work.  However, all recommendations seeking approval or action by the Board will be made by the Administration.