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    Board of Education members are elected by the voters who reside within the District 109 boundaries. Elections are held every two years. As required by the Illinois Association of School Boards, all Illinois school board members must receive training in the areas below. All of 109's Board Members have either completed these trainings or, new members will complete as outlined below.

    1. The Basics of Governance - Board and board member roles and responsibilities and learn how high-functioning boards make a positive impact on student learning in their districts. 2.Open Meetings Act (OMA) - Learn the law as it applies to school board meetings and members. 3. Professional Development Leadership Training (PDLT) and Performance Evaluation Reform Act (PERA) Training for School Board Members - Review education and labor law, financial oversight, accountability, fiduciary responsibilities, and evaluation procedures.

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Board of Education Policies

  • The Board of Education sets the policies of District 109, which the administration and staff follow to ensure that the District provides the best education of students and meets its responsibilities to all stakeholders.

    View the searchable Board Policy Manual online.