Committee Assignments

  • Executive Development Committee
    Chair: Sari Montgomery
    Members: Nick Begley, Jodi Shapira

    Facility Development Committee
    Chair: Scott Kluge
    Members: Katie Bittner, Ryan Kuo

    Finance Committee
    Chair: Sari Montgomery
    Members: Scott Kluge, Ryan Kuo

    Policy Committee
    Chair: Kenneth J. Ashman
    Members: Sari Montgomery, Jodi Shapira

    NSSED Representative
    Katie Bittner

    Jodi Shapira

    Joint Reduction in Force Committee
    This Board-appointed committee meets to address matters pertaining to honorable dismissals.

    DEA Chair: Michelle Comitor, Kipling Teacher
    Administration Chair: Dr. Dale Fisher, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources

Committee Notices, Agendas, Minutes & Documents