Welcome to Student Services

  • Mrs. Joanna Klopfer Joanna Ford
    Assistant Superintendent for Student Services
    847-945-1844 x7229

    Sarah Rose
    Director for Student Services
    847-945-1844 x7210

    Casey MoravekCasey  
    District Coordinator for Student Services
    Caruso, South Park, Wilmot
    847-945-8430 x6124

    Allyson Baisden
    District Coordinator for Student ServicesAllyson Baisden
    Shepard, Kipling, Walden
    847-948-0620 x5112

    Janet Gruenwald
    Director of Early Education Program
    South Park 
    847-945-5895 x2105

    Christie Hoffman
    Student Services Generalist
    847-945-1844 x7236   

About Student Services

  • The Student Services Department in Deerfield Public Schools supports a wide range of programming for students including special education, 504 plans, English language learners, nursing services, social-emotional learning, multi-tiered system of support (MTSS), and Title I. 

    To learn more about services for children residing in the Deerfield School District 109, please contact your building Assistant Principal, District Coordinator for Student Services or start by exploring the resources available on this website.

    Student Services- Who do I contact?

Inclusion & Co-Teaching

  • We have always prioritized inclusive practices in District 109, as data consistently shows that all students thrive when they have as much access to the general education setting as appropriate and possible given their individual needs.

    As part of our ongoing focus on inclusive practices, District 109 continues to expand our co-teaching model at both the elementary and middle school levels. In general, a co-teaching model consists of a general education and special education teacher working together in a general education classroom to share the responsibilities of planning, instructing, and assessing students in order to create a more inclusive classroom. This model can be in place for some or all content areas.

    Inclusive practices are a priority for our entire team. We remain dedicated to fostering an inclusive school community where expectations and standards are consistently high for all students, and where teachers and staff are supported to ensure that all students can succeed.