• Transportation

  • How to find your child's bus route

    You can find your child's bus schedule for the school year by logging into Skyward and clicking on Transportation. If you have any issues finding your student's transportation information, please reach out to transportation@dps109.org.

    Procedures & Change Requests

    District 109 contracts with Olson Transportation to provide transportation services for its students. The performance of the services is monitored on a daily basis by each individual school.

    Students who live 1.5 miles or more from their designated school are eligible for free bus service, as are students who reside in an area where walking to school is designated as hazardous by criteria established by the Illinois Department of Transportation. Students residing in an area less than 1.5 miles from school and not in a designated hazardous area can, for a fee, obtain bus services, providing space is available on an existing route. Bus riders will receive their bus pass within the first two weeks of school. Only students with a bus pass are allowed to ride the bus.

    If you believe there is a safety hazard at your child’s current assigned bus stop, please email transportation@dps109.org.

    After you complete the form, send any supporting documentation (maps, photographs, etc.) to the Transportation Department at transportation@dps109.org. Please see the detailed information about the following:

    Bus Procedure for Paid Bus Riders

    Where there is existing space on a regular school bus operated for students eligible for free school bus service, transportation may be provided for a fee to students not eligible for free bus service.  The following conditions will apply:

    1. This service will be available only where there is existing capacity on a bus passing the area.

    2. The bus cannot deviate from its normal route and scheduled stops for pickup or delivery of paid riders.

    3. This service will be available for the current school year only.

    4. The opportunity of riding the bus may be rescinded and any prorated fee returned if the bus becomes overcrowded due to new enrollees eligible for free bus service. Fee students would lose the privilege in the reverse order of application; that is, the last student registered would be removed first from the bus.

    5. The use of paid transportation will be set on a first-come, first-served basis until the bus is at capacity, determined by registration and payment of fees.

    Other Forms of Transportation

    By Car: If you drive your child to and from school, please check with each school for specific traffic patterns and procedures. We encourage the use of our free bus service and carpooling to cut down on the amount of traffic around our schools.

    By Foot: Children walking to and from school should cross streets only at crosswalks. Check with each school to find out which intersections have crossing guards.

    By Bicycle, Scooter, and In-line Skate: Helmets are required. We encourage students riding scooters or bicycles to place them in the racks provided, using a chain and lock. The District is not responsible if bikes or scooters are stolen. Skates must be stored in lockers. Bicycles, scooters, and in-line skates may not be used before school or at recess on the playgrounds. Please check with your child’s school about any grade or other restrictions in using these modes of transportation.