• As of June 4th, 2021 this site is no longer active. Please go to the Lake County Health Department website for the latest COVID updates.

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% of Staff Fully Vaccinated

Percentage of staff vaccinated by early March.
  • Students are currently in Full Remote or In-person Effective the week of March 8th, 2021

PPE for DPS 109

Core Indicator Sources

  • Lake County Core Indicators - IDPH
  • 60015 Core Indicators - LCHD
  • Lake County Core Indicators - CDC

What does it take to move between educational models? We get this question a lot!

  • DPS 109 is not a public health agency. We rely heavily on the recommendations of the county, state, and federal health agencies in our decision making. District 109 will constantly monitor these indicators and make adjustments to our educational model as needed. We may deviate from recommendations based on factors that are unique to our village and district. As of January 2021, the Lake County Health Department has advised that school districts should utilize CDC indicators and thresholds for the risk of introduction and transmission of COVID-19 in schools. The dashboard is reflective of that guidance, however, the purpose of the dashboard is for clear and concise information for visitors to our website. The information provided to the public on this webpage is just a small representation of the large quantity of data we closely and frequently monitor. As Lake County Health Department and Illinois Department of Health align and update their core indicators with the new CDC indicators and thresholds, we will also update our dashboard.

    In the fall, you saw terms from the Lake County Health Department like "acceptable range." Now, the CDC is classifying the core indicators as "Lowest Risk," "Highest Risk," and classifications in between. Ultimately, no agency is telling us which model we should be in and leaving the decision up to us to determine our risk tolerance. There are also, as mentioned above, factors unique to DPS109.  Aside from our case & testing tracker, the data used to compile this dashboard is sourced from the Lake County Health Department and Illinois Department of Public Health. The timing of data updates may be irregular, as DPS 109 has no bearing on the updates made by CDC, IDPH and LCHD. 


Last Modified on March 25, 2022