District Fees

  • Applicable fees are now due on November 23, 2020. The District has traditionally collected fees for the coming school year in the spring and early summer, but postponed the collection of fees for the 2020-21 school year until the fall due to the pandemic. 

    The fees help offset the cost of programs so that the District can continue to offer rich programming and varied services for students, and keep class sizes within the expectations of the community.

    Fees are set by the Board of Education. The Board’s Policy Committee prepares a fee recommendation each spring. One important part of this process is conducting a fee survey. This annual survey lists 20 or more north Cook and Lake County school districts, and each fee charged for over twenty different programs, supplies and services. District 109 is in the middle of the range for nearly every category.

    The District offers parents the ability to pay with a credit card quickly and securely online through Family Access. Email us if you have any questions. 

Types of Fees

  • District 109 fees that are payable are listed below. See the annual fee letter below for the current rates. Please email Jasmen Colon (jcolon@dps109.org) with any questions. 

    • Material & Supply: All K-8 students enrolled in District 109 are subject to a material and supply fee. The fee offsets a portion of the cost of instructional materials. (This fee is separate from the optional purchase of school supplies through your school PTO.) In addition, families of fifth grade students pay a mandatory outdoor education fee.
    • Paid Bus Transportation: Because the District offers transportation, state law requires the District to offer this service free to students who (1) live more than 1½ miles from school, or (2) reside within a hazardous walking route (determined by the Illinois Department of Transportation). If you do not reside within a “free” area, you can choose to purchase bus service. Check the address finder to determine if you live in a free or paid area. There is no option to prorate the fee if you sign up mid-year, unless you are a new family who moves into the District during the school year, or a current family who moves from a free to the paid area.
    • Milk: Parents can purchase milk for their children; it will be available at lunch each school day. The only option is plain, 1% milk. Chocolate or other flavored milk is not offered, nor is skim, 2% or whole milk. Organic milk also is not an option at this time, although the District continues to seek organic milk vendors producing in ½ pint containers.
    • Early Learners Program: The District’s early childhood program offers half and full-day options. Half-day tuition is $5,250.  Full-day tuition is $9,950.  The District sets up a default payment plan of ten payments of either $475 or $895 in Family Access.  You must pay at least the first installment by the deadline (TBD) and then can choose to pay the remaining installments monthly or all at one time. Families of preschool students who request additional childcare will pay $175 per month for before-school childcare and $175 per month for after-school childcare.
    • Middle School Incidental Fees: The middle schools have worked to determine all anticipated incidental fees charged throughout the year; they will be added to Family Access in May and due in the fall. Some of the school fees are mandatory, while others are optional. They include fees for novels, locks, PE uniforms, field trips and eighth grade graduation. Click here to see more detail about incidental fees.

    District fees that are assigned later in the school year include:

    • Co-Curricular/Extracurricular Activities: Fees offset the cost of student participation in extracurricular activities. Parents pay these fees when their child begins participation.

Prorating and Waiving Fees

  • A prorated refund of material and technology fees may be offered to families who move from the District during the school year (transportation fees will not be refunded). Material and technology fees are waived for the remainder of the school year for students who move into the District after May 1.

    Parents can contact the Business Office to set up a payment plan for fees. If you are experiencing financial hardship and are incapable of paying any fee, please apply for a waiver. See the waiver application below; if you have questions, contact Kelly Mitchell, Business Office Specialist at 945-1844, x 7225. You must submit a complete waiver application, which includes all required attachments. If you submit the application after the deadline (TBD), your application still will be considered; however, you will be assessed a $25 late fee. Fees are waived automatically if a family applies for and is found eligible for free milk (which makes them eligible for the National Free Lunch program).

    In either case, all fees, including activity fees, are waived. Principals encourage participation in after-school and co-curricular activities and keep the Business Office apprised of these activities. PTOs may be encouraged by the building principal to support families whose fees have been waived by paying field trip fees, other activity costs, and lunch expenses. All attempts to maintain family anonymity and confidentiality will be made.

Nonpayment of Fees

  • District staff will inform parents or guardians of late fee payment with at least three letters of delinquency, at least one of which is certified or return receipt. One final attempt to collect fees will be made via telephone by District staff or the building principal. Payment plans can be negotiated by contacting the Business Office. Parents or guardians who have not responded to the collection attempts will have their names, phone numbers, addresses and delinquency information forwarded to a collection agency authorized by the Board of Education.

Returned Check Fee

  • Any check that is returned from a bank for non-payment will be assessed a returned check fee of $25. This fee will be assessed for every returned check after the first offense.

Fee Information & Forms