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The Great Kipling Duckling Rescue

Some years, Kipling Elementary School is fortunate to host little ones of a different feather -- baby ducklings that hatch in the school’s courtyard. This year, staff were pleased to see 11 little ducklings running around.

When they showed up for school on Monday, April 26th, however, only 8 little ducklings could be found. Miss Foran, Kipling’s art teacher, sprang into action. She searched all of the potential “danger” spots for little ducklings and found an open drain. She ran to it and quickly heard the sound of baby ducks. Miss Foran was able to rescue the three missing babies safely from that drain!

Thanks to Miss Foran for her dedication, patience, and drive. As Mr. Elbert, Kipling’s principal later put in an all-staff email, “If Elizabeth is this determined for ducklings...just imagine how much she will do for our students”