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The Wilmot Word: 12-7-18

This Week at Wilmot
This was another busy week at Wilmot. First grade visited the Peggy Notebaert Museum. They got to observe animals up close including a darling beetle and a box turtle. Students completed scientific drawings and visited the butterfly garden and all the exhibits at the museum. Third graders were observed reading biographies as they prepare for their research projects. Mrs. Tiemann’s students shared their notes with me about the challenges and accomplishments of Gertrude Ederle, who was the first woman to swim across the English Channel. Mrs. Lathan assisted Mrs. Doloughty’s class in learning how to cite resources as part of their biography research papers. I am looking forward to visiting the third grade “Wax Museum” later this month, where all third graders will share facts about the person they have researched in their biography unit. I also spotted students working on math problems in the commons area, using different strategies to solve problems. Today we had a special end of the day assembly. The Deerfield High School Choraliers shared their winter/holiday concert with us. It was nice to see so many Wilmot alumni perform with Choraliers. I even was invited up to join in the singing of the song “Fruit Cake.”

Kindness Corner
Kindness is everywhere at Wilmot School! This week several students randomly shared kindness quotes with me that they have found inspiring and engaging. These quotes support our kindness initiative and demonstrate how important this is to our students. Yesterday a group of nine girls visited with Mrs. Santella and me to brainstorm ideas for giving to others by making kindness pencils. We are working with these girls to help them develop a plan for making pencils to share with children in foster care. Mrs. Santella and I absolutely love when students email us or drop by to share their ideas, seek support or just talk about themselves. Having students that feel comfortable talking with us or sharing thoughts and ideas supports a positive, kind and caring school culture.

Yesterday third grade held their monthly town hall meeting Students were recognized for being good friends, working hard, persevering when things are difficult, demonstrating responsibility and for completing work at school and at home. Students shared acts of kindness that they have observed over the past month. Many students talked about how others have included them during recess, inviting them to play or join a game. Others identified how friends had helped them in the classroom, carry supplies and materials or find missing items. These students shared many acts of kindness with their teachers and peers. Way to go third grade!

Student Handbook Acknowledgment (3nrd posting)
Please use a computer when completing this. Apparently, it does not work properly on a cell phone. We need parents to acknowledge the handbook for each child that attends Wilmot.
We continuously monitor ways to keep our students safe and protected while using their school-issued devices. Recently, we have updated our systems to allow for greater controls over YouTube and other web content. The benefit of this improvement is that we can maintain a strong filter (so that inappropriate content is not accessible to our students), and, at the same time, provide our staff with the ability to approve videos they need to support their instruction.

Per Student Handbook protocols, we require that parents re-acknowledge the User Agreement Form when we make a change (please note that you must acknowledge that handbook for each child you have in District 109). You will be prompted to do this the next time you log into Family Access. Upon logging in, you'll be greeted with a page that you "signed" in the beginning of the year. Please, re-acknowledge receipt of the handbook for each child you have in District 109 at your earliest convenience. Thank you, and if you have any questions, please let me know.

5Essentials Parent Survey - Please complete this quick survey (3rd posting)
Thank you to the parents who have already completed the 5Essentials survey. As shared by Dr. McConnell, this survey gathers data specific to our school about the five indicators that predict important student outcomes. Your participation in this survey not only helps guide our school improvement work but also contributes to our overall school rating. We are very proud of our exemplary rating.

You may access the 5Essentials survey by using this link: You will select the survey, enter Lake County, and choose Wilmot. (Providing your email is optional, as it only collected if you want confirmation of your submission.) The survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete.

District 109 Speech Tournament (From Ms. Rallis)
Students - Are you interested in acting? Giving Speeches? Speaking in front of an audience? Doing improv? Well, you should participate in the 21st Annual Deerfield Speech Symposium on Saturday, February 23rd! All 3rd-5th graders are welcome to participate in various events. We will have a kickoff informational meeting on Wednesday, December 12th in Ms. Rallis' classroom (room 11) during recess time. If you have any questions, let Ms. Rallis know (! Hope to see you there!

Student Council Meeting Dates (There is a meeting on Tuesday)
December 11
January 15
February 12
March 12
April 9
May 14
June 4-All Representatives and Alternates

Winter Enrichment - The Deerfield Park District brochure detailing program offerings was released on Monday 11/19 and registration opened on Monday, 11/26.
The winter session of After School Enrichment will begin on Monday, Jan 14 and run through Friday, 3/22.

Important Dates
Wednesday, December 5 - Wednesday, December 19 - MAP testing all grades (Teachers will share class schedules)
Tuesday, December 18 - Orchestra Concert at Caruso Middle school - 6:30 pm
Friday, December 21
All school philanthropy activity. Each class will make /color squares for blankets as part of the Linus Project
Last day of school before winter break
Monday, December 24 - Friday, January 4 - Winter Break
Monday, January 7 - School resumes

Looking Ahead:
Monday, January 21
No school in recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Thursday, January 24
5th-grade music shows (day and evening) - Times TBD
Tuesday, January 29
5th-grade speaker (girls and parents) - 6:30 pm
Thursday, January 31
5th-grade speaker (boys and parents) - 6:30 pm
Friday, February 15 - Tuesday, February 19 - No School due to a school holiday and an all-day staff in-service
Friday, February 22
BINGO Night at Wilmot
Tuesday, February 26
2nd and 4th-grade music concerts (day and evening) - Times TBD