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The Wilmot Word: 1-25-19

Inclement Weather and Safety
Dr. McConnell shared information yesterday regarding the decision process used to determine if school schedules will be altered in any way due to cold weather and/or snow. I want to remind all parents that it is essential that students come to school each day dressed appropriately for the cold weather. This includes a warm coat, hat, gloves, boots, and long pants. I understand that many students prefer to wear shorts, even in the winter. I am comfortable allowing students to wear shorts inside the building if they feel warm but strongly encourage all students to wear pants or snow pants over their shorts each day.

I also want to remind everyone of our rules and procedures regarding arrival and dismissal. These rules MUST be followed on a daily basis but are particularly important during severe cold and snow due to ice and snow in our parking lots. Our staff is there to assist you but we rely on parents to follow our rules to keep everyone safe.
In both lots, you must pull as far forward as possible during drop off and pick up. Do NOT stop near the GMA to drop students off during arrival. Students may enter through the gym doors, the front doors or the GMA doors when there is an inside arrival.
Students should exit your vehicle using the passenger doors only. It is very dangerous for children to exit on the driver’s side. Parents must remain in their car at all times.
Never use your cell phone on or near school grounds.
Never pick up or drop off students in the lane that runs adjacent to the building in the front lot. This area is for buses and emergency vehicles only.
Never leave your car running without a driver.

This Week at Wilmot
This was a short but busy week. Yesterday I heard outstanding persuasive essays in third grade. Student essays included topics such as why we need more choices for specials classes, why an indoor pool would make Wilmot more fun and even a great essay on why a grade level pet dog would benefit Wilmot students. These fantastic essays included a great lead, varied transitions, and elaboration. I was very proud of students for sharing these with me and their classmates.

Earlier this week we held our annual read-a-thon to benefit Bernie’s Book Bank. Students enjoyed reading with their buddies during this all school event. Thank you to everyone who donated books to Bernie’s.

Last night our fifth graders took to the stage during their music concert, Rocking Through the Years. Students did an amazing job singing some classic rock songs! I was also impressed by the amazing projects on display during the art fair. Thanks to Ms. Ferdon and Mrs. Dubin for making our 5th-grade night of the arts such a huge success.

Kindness Corner
#wilmotkindnessrocks Yesterday our students displayed kindness towards our fifth graders as they performed for the entire school. This was our first music show of the year and the students were a great and kind audience; cheering and clapping for our fifth-grade performers.
Students demonstrated kindness in so many ways this week. I saw students helping out a substitute, sharing toys during inside recess and inviting others to play with them. Students were heard complimenting others on their great projects during the fifth-grade art fair and just before the performance, I observed students holding open a door for a set of grandparents. In first grade, friends helped a peer repair a torn assignment. Each act of kindness is noticed and appreciated!

Valentine’s Day (2nd posting)
Once again we will follow the lead of our wonderful philanthropy club and give to others as we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Wilmot will celebrate Valentine’s Day by showing love for our community through a school-wide, hands-on service project. Staff and students will make and fill “Birthday Bags” for children who may not otherwise have a birthday celebration, then donate them to local food pantries and to Fill a Heart 4 Kids. Last year we made over 250 birthday bags. Annie from Fill a Heart 4 Kids shared that some children told her that this was the first birthday cake they had ever had. On February 11, 12 or 13, K-2 students will work with their 3-5 buddy to decorate a birthday bag and make a birthday card; this craft project is similar to a typical holiday party project. On Valentine’s Day morning, buddy classes will come together to assemble bags with items donated by our students and staff. During the day, students will exchange cards (without food or candy) in their classroom as we have done in the past.

Room parents will reach out to find volunteers to assist students as they assemble Birthday Bags.
To assist us we are asking students and staff to bring in the party item assigned to their grade level the week of February 4:
Kindergarten - 1-2 sets of birthday plates and napkin
1st Grade - 1-2 sets of birthday plates and napkin
2nd Grade - 2 (or more) cake mixes
3rd Grade - 2 (or more) cake mixes
4th Grade - 2 (or more) cans of frosting
5th Grade - 2 (or more) cans of frosting
Staff - 2 (or more) 9x13 foil pan
The PTO will purchase party decorations (e.g., banners or signs) balloons and/or streamers and candles and will fill in for any items we need more of.
Based on parent feedback, students may also bring in a few dollars instead of the suggested items and we will purchase the necessary materials.

Kindergarten and New First Grade Registration (ongoing posting)
Online registration for incoming kindergarten and new first-grade students for the 2019-2020 school year is open! Please share this information with your friends and neighbors who have children heading into the big adventure of kindergarten (who will be five years old on or before September 1, 2019)!
Current District 109 parents do not have to re-register current students in grades K-7 for next year; registration is only for students who will be new to District 109 in the 2019-2020 school year (and Early Learner students moving to kindergarten).

Registration is as easy as 1-2-3:
1. Complete online registration:
If you are a current District 109 parent, log into your Family Access account and click the New Student Online Registration button on the left navigation bar.
If you are new to District 109, click this link to begin the registration process.

2. Gather required proof-of-residency documents (listed on the registration and residency page) and your child's original birth certificate.

3. Plan to attend a Drop In/Drop Off session at the District Center (517 Deerfield Road, by the Little Red Schoolhouse) to review documentation and verify residency:
Wednesday, January 30th from 7:30 am - 1:00 pm
Thursday, February 7th from 1:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Friday, February 8th from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
If you have questions about registration, please contact Rebecca Rudd at
Wilmot will hold our annual Kindergarten Round-up on Monday, April 29. Each student will join us for a 40-minute session. More information will be shared in early April.

Speech Symposium Registration is live!
If your child is interested in participating in the Deerfield Speech Symposium, and has confirmed with Ms. Rallis, please visit The Deerfield Speech Symposium Website and register for the event on Saturday February 23rd! If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Rallis @

Wilmot-Caruso Classic - March 7, 2019 from 4-5pm in the Caruso gym
Mark your calendars to cheer on Wilmot staff as they go head to head vs. Caruso staff to benefit Roberti House, a local charity that serves children and families in economic distress. Details regarding this event and ticket sales will be available in the next few weeks. In the meantime, SAVE THE DATE! Sponsored by 5th Grade Team Give. Questions? Contact

Timely Talks for Fifth Graders
Earlier this week all fifth-grade parents received an invitation from the Wilmot PTO to attend the Timely Talk for Girls on Tuesday, January 29 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm and/or the Timely Talk for Boys on Thursday, January 31 from 6:30 – 8:00 pm.
Contact Jen Cohen with any questions:
Please RSVP here for the Timely Talk for Girls program.
Please RSVP here for the Timely Talk for Boys program.

Student Council Meeting Dates
February 12
March 12
April 9
May 14
June 4-All Representatives and Alternates

Get reading for Wilmot’s annual BINGO night on Friday, February 22

Community News and Information
The Anti-Drug's January 2019 Newsletter: Communicating Beyond "No"

Important Dates
Tuesday, January 29
5th-grade speaker (girls and parents) - 6:30 pm
Thursday, January 31
5th-grade speaker (boys and parents) - 6:30 pm
Friday, February 15 - Tuesday, February 19 - No School due to a school holiday and an all-day staff in-service
Friday, February 22
BINGO Night at Wilmot

Looking Ahead:
Tuesday, February 26
2nd and 4th-grade music concerts (day and evening) - Times TBD
Wednesday, February 27
Third Grade field trip to Skokie Youtheater (am only)
Friday, March 1
Trimester 2 ends