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The Wilmot Word: 5-3-19

This Week at Wilmot
We had another amazing week at Wilmot. On Monday we welcomed our future kindergarten students and their parents to the Wilmot family during our annual Kindergarten Round-up. Students had a chance to participate in some fun kindergarten activities and as is our tradition students left with an envelope of sunflower seeds to plant and watch grow. When the plants are big and tall the students will be ready for kindergarten. The student council officers did an outstanding job sharing facts and information about Wilmot with new families during the parent orientation. I am always amazed by the outstanding leadership skills our students display on a regular basis.

A highlight of my week was writing a letter to first-grade students to model the use of capital letters. Students were asked to study the work of experts and I was thrilled to serve as an expert to first-grade writers. Specifically, students focused on the following teaching point - "If you want to learn something, anything, you can study the works of experts. What are they doing that I should try?" I encourage parents to serve as experts for their own children modeling how to write with capital letters.

Last night the band students held their spring concert, following a combined band and orchestra concert earlier in the week. It is so nice to see how much our students grow from fall to spring. This was a very special concert for Mr. Dessent who will retire this year after 24 years in the district. The students cheered as we enjoyed Mr. Dessent’s final performance. I want to thank Mr. Dessent for his dedication to our students and to providing a wonderful band program for hundreds if not thousands of students over the course of his career. You will be missed.

To learn more about what’s happening at Wilmot check out the latest edition of WESN.
This edition has a feature on March Madness as well as stories about spring break, May holidays and much more.

Kindness Corner
Today two 2nd grade students came to see me with a Be Kind button. The girls shared this button with me as a way of acknowledging my kind acts. This made my whole day! The girls are joining in a walk to celebrate kindness on June 2. The students expressed how important kindness is and that they are very excited to join this walk. When I asked them why kindness is important they told me that kindness makes people feel happy. They also told me that when you give kindness other people will spread it around. Both girls said they want to spread kindness and to make everyone feel happy.
Last week I was asked if I would acknowledge kind acts on the part of the adults in the Wilmot community. After all, we as adults should serve as role models for our children when it comes to modeling kindness. Here are some of my observations:
In a kindergarten PE class, a student was accidentally hit with a ball. The teacher immediately knelt down to help the child and quietly took her for a drink of water. The teacher encouraged the student and within a few seconds the tears had stopped and the student was ready to join the game.
During the music concert, one teacher assisted students from both Wilmot and South Park as they struggled to organize their instruments, music, and stands. This act of kindness helped the students prepare for their big show.
On Wednesday one band student was dropped off at Wilmot instead of South Park for the daytime concert. When our office staff could not reach the parent they immediately arranged for a bus to take the student to South Park and even rode with him to make sure he was comfortable.
During recess I observed our lunchroom supervisors complimenting children and giving high-fives to encourage students to play nicely together.
As always I observed numerous parent volunteers come to school to help with programs such as classroom centers, Round-up, art classes and of course Fun Lunch. Our parent volunteers show kindness every time they come to Wilmot to help us out with events and activities.

Wilmot Innovation Nights (4th posting)
We are looking forward to our annual Wilmot Innovation Nights. Kindergarten, second and third-grade families will join us on Thursday, May 9, 2019, and first, fourth and fifth-grade families will join us on Thursday, May 16, 2019. More detailed information will be shared by your child’s classroom teacher. Please click here for more information for the May 9 Innovation Night. Click here for the May 16 Innovation Night.

Elementary Schools - Upcoming Erin's Law Programming (3rd posting)
Erin’s Law (House Bill 6193) was signed by Governor Pat Quinn on January 24, 2013. This law requires schools to implement an age-appropriate sexual assault and abuse awareness and prevention curriculum for grades Pre-K through 12. District 109 partners with Victor Pacini, a motivational speaker who is a survivor of sexual abuse, to provide programming for our students that teaches them basic skills to keep them safe from dangerous or abusive situations. Mr. Pacini’s program, Be Seen and Heard 2.0, is developmentally appropriate, interactive, and aligned with learning standards. He will discuss:

Distinguishing safe from unsafe touches
Safety rules at home and school
Saying “NO”
It’s not the child’s fault if someone touches him or her
Telling a trusted adult

Mr. Pacini will be presenting to our students on May 7.

Parents can view Victor Pacini’s parent video to preview the concepts of the Be Seen and Heard 2.0 program.

Requests to Opt-Out: If you prefer that your child opt-out of this prevention education session, please email your child’s school principal by April 26. Please also feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns.

Kindergarten Music and Art Shows

The kindergarten Art and Music Shows will be on Monday, May 20th. All kindergarten students will wear performance clothes to school in the morning and for the evening show - Kinderwolf shirt, black pants/leggings/shorts (if you have it), and shoes that are safe and comfortable for moving actively.

When you arrive for the evening Art and Music Shows, please enter through the doors by the gym. The Art portion of the evening will begin at 5:10 pm and kindergarten students will meet their teachers in the gym at 5:25 pm. The music show will begin at 5:30 pm and is expected to last about 25 minutes. Following the performance, kindergarten students will meet their families on the gym floor. Artwork may be viewed after the music show if families are not able to do so earlier in the evening.

The Annual Wilmot Talent Show - 2nd-5th Grade Students (1st posting)
It’s time for our 5th Annual Wilmot Talent Show! Students in 2nd – 5th grade may be involved in this exciting event! In order to select prepared acts and participants, we will be holding auditions later than usual, during the week of May 20th. Please note that students will not have the opportunity to practice with a teacher until Dress Rehearsal. All practices should take place at home. Please use parental discretion regarding the content of your student’s act (music, lyrics, dance moves, costumes). Acts will not be included in the talent show if the content is inappropriate or students are unprepared on their scheduled audition date. All acts must be 90 seconds (1 min 30 sec) or less. If your act is longer, we will need to shorten it.

This year, in addition to group acts, we are encouraging video auditions! This will be especially helpful with students playing instruments. Talent Show Dates are as follows:

Tuesday, May 28th - Dress Rehearsal 3:30 - 5 (Mandatory)
Thursday, May 30th - Evening Show (5:30 pm)
Tuesday, June 11th –In School Show for staff and students only (Time TBA)

We will push out more information about auditions to classroom teachers as the audition and Talent Show date approaches.
Please contact Ms. Rallis ( and Ms. LaCost ( if you have any further questions!

Timely Talks for Fifth Graders (rescheduled from January)
Wilmot’s PTO invites all fifth graders and their parents to attend the Timely Talk for Girls or The Timely Talk for Boys on Monday, May 6, 2019, from 6:30 – 8:00 pm. Both events will take place on the same night in separate locations at Wilmot.
Contact Jen Cohen with any questions:
Please RSVP here for the Timely Talk for Girls program.
Please RSVP here for the Timely Talk for Boys program.

6th Grade Show Choir, Pizazz and Charisma Information and Auditions (for current 5th grade students) (2nd posting)

If you are a current 5th grade student and are interested in singing and even dancing please check out this newsletter to learn more about the show choir opportunities available to 6th-8th grade students.

MAP Testing
All students will participate in the spring MAP testing between May 13 - 24. Classroom teachers will share their individual schedules.

What to do if your child (K-4th) is not returning to Wilmot next year (1st posting)
Email Dr. Brett as soon as possible at
Include your child’s anticipated last day of attendance at Wilmot.
Include the forwarding address or, at a minimum, the city and state you will be moving to.
The new school will send us a written request for student records after you have officially registered. All student records will be sent directly to the new school. If we know that you are moving we will prepare these in advance to decrease the time it takes to prepare and send student records.

School Supplies (2nd posting) - It’s time to order school supplies for the 2019-2020 school year! The PTO is offering pre-packed school supply kits from the Deerfield Coalition, which is a non-profit organization serving people with developmental disabilities. The sale runs from April 15 – May 31. Our teachers love the pre-packaged school supply kits which allows all students to have the same set of supplies, ready to go on the first day of school. Parents love the program because it’s so much easier than running from store to store to get just the right items. We hope you enjoy the convenience of ordering school supplies online as well as the great prices we are able to offer by buying in bulk.
To order, visit: Questions? Contact Mary Beth Furman at or Anita Krishnan

Student Council
Meeting Dates
May 14
June 4-All Representatives and Alternates

Student Council Spirit Days
May 10- Favorite Color Day
May 17- Wilmot Spirit Wear
May 24-Favorite Sport Day
May 31- Wilmot Wear Day
June 3- Mismatch Day
June 7- Wilmot Spirit Wear

Important Dates
Monday, May 6
Monday, May 6 - Friday, May,10 - Teacher Appreciation Week
Timely Talks for Fifth Grade (boys and girls)
Thursday, May 9
PTO Volunteer luncheon
Thursday, May 9
Innovation Night 1 - Kindy, 2nd and 3rd grades
Thursday, May 16
Innovation Night 2 - 1st, 4th, and 5th grades

Looking Ahead:
Monday, May 20
Kindergarten music and art shows
5:10 - Art show (Parents may also view artwork after the show)
5:25 - Students will meet their teacher in the gym
5:30 - Music show