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South Park Veteran's Day Assembly

During the 2022-23 school year, South Park's Art Educator Amber Bergmann was tasked with organizing a Veteran's Day assembly that would incorporate the entire school. Ms.Bergmann took it a step further and invited veterans who are related to somebody attending or working at South Park. Each grade level had a part in the assembly. Below is what each grade level did to honor their local veterans:

  • Grade K-2 drew pictures that were delivered to the Veterans
  • Grade 3 created posters with the beginning phrase "Veterans are..."
  • Grade 4 made poppies for their walk into the assembly 
  • Grade 5 wrote poems (3 were shared during the assembly). The rest were bound into a book for each veteran. 

Throughout the rest of the day, there were various class readings, performed by our veterans. It was a great way to honor our local heroes.

If you want to watch the entire assembly, you can here!