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Board Briefs for Joint Board Meeting 9/9/2019

September 9, 2019 Joint Special Meeting

Township High School District 113 hosted the Boards of Education and Superintendents  of Districts 106, 109, and 112 to a Special Meeting on September 9, 2019.


Selection of President Pro Tempore to Run Joint Special Meeting
Township High School District 113 Board President Elizabeth Garlovsky was selected by consensus as the President Pro Tempore to preside over the meeting. 

Approval of Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement Between and By Districts 106, 109, 112, and 113 

The Boards of Education of Districts 106, 109, 112, and 113 voted unanimously to approve the Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement (ICA). The ICA provides a framework for the four districts to work more collaboratively, reflecting the stake the community has in the districts’ individual and collective efforts for students. The boards directed their respective superintendents to identify areas of curriculum, instruction, and assessment where all districts should be working together to provide more aggregate data about student progress to teachers, administrators and all four boards in order to improve student outcomes and create more value for the whole community. 


Emergency Preparedness and Safety 

The superintendents discussed the ways all four districts are already working together with local law enforcement and each other to identify best practices, define communications protocols, and conduct joint training. It was observed that because all four districts use the same response protocol in their emergency drills, there is continuity for students in the drills that are practiced all through elementary and high school. 

To oversee security efforts and to bring a higher level of expertise to this important work, the idea was raised to explore how a director of security could serve all four districts. The boards then directed their respective superintendents to prepare information they can share with their respective boards for feedback before convening another joint meeting to consider taking action. 

During the discussion, a connection was made between efforts to promote social-emotional learning (SEL) and the impact it has on promoting greater school security. The boards directed their respective superintendents to include SEL when they coordinate their work on security. 

The meeting adjourned at 7:01 p.m.