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Update: Re-Entry Task Force Complaint Dropped, Board to Discuss Situation

UPDATE: September 18, 2020

District 109 has learned that the complaint filed alleging an Open Meetings Act violation by the School Re-Entry Task Force has been withdrawn. The Board of Education will discuss this situation at their Monday, September 21st meeting on what the next steps concerning the Task Force will be.



September 14, 2020

Dear District 109 Parents/Guardians and Staff, 

First, thank you for all of the hard work and continued commitment to the education of our children. Your efforts have been instrumental in a successful start to the year with our 109 Online program, and I know how much extra effort has been put forth to do so.

The Re-Entry Task Force has been hard at work advising the administration and Board of Education on its reopening plans. Tapping into the various talents and areas of expertise of our parent community and staff has been a wonder to watch, and an honor to be a part of. This collaboration and exchanging of ideas has undoubtedly ensured that every detail, no matter how small, has been evaluated and addressed as the Task Force assisted the administration in its development of the safest possible re-entry plan. 

Unfortunately, due to a complaint related to the Open Meetings Act, alleging that the Task Force could be interpreted as a public body governed by that Act, the Task Force will have to pause its efforts while the district works to respond and resolve that complaint. The district believes that the Task Force’s work has been in compliance with the Act, and has operated in a transparent manner to keep the public informed of its work.  The administration will continue its work to implement the hybrid plan for elementary as well as deliver on its commitment of the hybrid plan for middle school. That said, the Task Force will not be able to contribute in its current format until the aforementioned complaint is resolved. 

Our expectation is that the plan at the elementary level will not be impacted by this pause. Additionally, our hope is that the disruption related to the Task Force’s inability to support the middle school planning process will be minimal in nature. As a Board Member, I will remain engaged as is appropriate, and ensure that we meet this challenge as we’ve met all of the others related to this pandemic to ensure our children are educated to the Deerfield standard and in the safest way possible. 

Ryan Kuo
Member, District 109 Board of Education