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Mission/Vision Work Ahead in District 109

August 27, 2021


Good afternoon.

Last night, the Board of Education approved an agreement that will allow us to begin work on District 109’s mission and vision, and ultimately, a strategic plan to achieve those.

As I mentioned in my Superintendent’s Report last night (you can watch the recording here), this does not mean we are currently heading down the wrong path. Vibrant, successful organizations go through this process periodically to ensure that they are focused and remain relevant.

With new leadership at the top and throughout our district, now is also a very good time to take on this work. We also need a mission and vision that accounts for what we have all experienced in this pandemic and changes over the past five years. 

This is not a process that will happen behind closed doors. Your voice will be vital, and we need to hear it to help us make our mission/vision work unique to Deerfield. Look for more information soon about opportunities to participate and to let us know what you envision for the future of this district.

I want to thank everyone for a successful start to this school year. As I told the Board last night, public education in District 109 is a team sport, and we will achieve great things with teamwork.

Mike Simeck
Superintendent of Schools