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Support & Resources For Your Family Following The Events in Highland Park

July 7, 2022

DPS 109 community,

It’s hard to find the words as we each work to process the events that took place in Highland Park this week. We know that this will impact everyone in different ways and at different times. These are conversations no parent or guardian should have to have with their child. Adults, while your attention may understandably first turn to your child in your home, please make sure you are taking time to process what has happened yourself. Your mental health and well-being impacts theirs. Below are some resources we have gathered for your family to consider as we work to move forward together.

  • Any DPS 109 family who needs support for their child in processing the events that have happened in our community should contact Joanna Ford ( and a member of our Student Services team will be in touch.
  • Community counseling services are available at Highland Park High School today and tomorrow from 9 a.m.-9 p.m.
  • All Lake County residents can call 211 or visit for mental health resources and referrals.
  • As we shared earlier this week, The National Association of School Psychologists has some resources about talking to your children about violence that may be of help.

If you are looking for other meaningful ways to contribute or give back, I encourage you to monitor the announcements from the City of Highland Park as they communicate emerging needs. The Highland Park Community Foundation site is collecting donations that will go directly to victims and survivors or the organizations that support them. Please be vigilant and vet any other requests for donations that you come across to ensure their legitimacy. 

We are committed to working to help our community and region heal and grow again.


Michael V. Simeck
Superintendent of Schools