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September 17, 2018 Board Briefs

Superintendent’s Report

Tour of South Park Elementary School: Dr. McConnell gave a tour of South Park Elementary School’s new library center, music room and art room. Pictures can be found at the bottom of this page and on our Facebook page. 

Master Board Member: Board Member Katie Bittner received Master Board Member Level 1 status from IASB, congrats to Katie!  

Financial AwardDistrict 109 received the Government Finance Officers Association’s Popular Annual Financial Reporting (PAFR) Award for the first time! The district was also awarded the meritorious budget award for the 9th straight year. 

Start with Hello: Dr. McConnell talked about Start with Hello which will begin next week throughout District 109. Start with Hello is a Sandy Hook Promise program encouraging anyone who would like to participate to “start with hello” to promote social development and inclusion. Dr. McConnell thanked Board Member Ken Ashman who initially shared information about the week. For more information on Start with Hello, you can visit their website.

Superintendent’s Entry Plan: Seventy-two days as in Superintendent, Dr. McConnell has completed his entry plan objectives. The entry plan can be viewed on our website.

Strategic Plan Progress Page: A page has been added to our website that displays the progress the district has made toward our strategic plan. We are happy to use this page to update the community on the administration's progress toward achieving the goals and objectives laid out by the Board and community. Each objective will be updated at least three times annually in September, January, and June.   

Mindful Classrooms Presentation

Sheenach Camerin, Lisa Markarian and Dave Komie presented about Mindful Classrooms and the effect it has had on their students. The presentation can be found here.


Items Presented for Information
(Note: Most information items are presented at one board meeting, and then, after having an opportunity for review, the Board acts upon them at the next month’s meeting.) 

  • FOIA: Illinois Policy Institute requested the complete employee file on former Deerfield School District 109 employee Charles J. Caruso.
  • Annual Enrollment Update (Policy 4:150): The annual enrollment update is provided each September. We have enrolled 33 fewer students from the previous school year. Our kindergarten class was larger this year than it has been the past few years with the current enrollment at 302.
  • Employee Compensation Report (Public Act 96-0434)Employee compensation report was created and shared based on state code that requires us to publish salary information. 
  • InsighteX Staff: Dr. McConnell presented the InsighteX staff survey results. Student and Parent Engagement Surveys will be sent out around October 4th.
  • Evidence-Based Funding Breakdown: This funding breakdown has been created for equitable funding for school districts across the state of Illinois meaning money goes where it is needed. Four factors are taken into consideration: adequacy target, local capacity target, base funding minimum and tier distribution. District 109 currently has an adequacy level of 145%. The presentation can be found here. 
  • Succession Plan (Policy 3:70): Due to policy, a succession plan was created and presented to the board.

Action Items 

The Board approved:

  • The Consent Agenda items were approved. Consent agenda items included minutes of the regular and closed session minutes of August 20, 2018; August’s treasurer’s report, personnel (resignations and retirements leave of absence, employment); and bills for payment.
  • Employee Compensation Report was approved.

Closing Community Participation
In the second community participation period, in which community members can address the Board on any topic, the following community member(s) spoke:

  • Chris Goodsnyder: Mr. Goodsnyder asked the board what the district will be doing moving forward with the new adequacy funding model and no increase in state funding? Dr. McConnell explained that we currently receive little state funding and most of our money comes from local tax dollars. Board Member Sari Montgomery also mentioned that we have also built a surplus in our operational budget as a precaution.


Board Member Scott Kluge went on tour last Friday and got to visit about 12 classrooms and expressed that it was great to see how engaged the students were at each school.

The complete minutes for this meeting will be posted after they are approved by the Board

at the next regular meeting, on Monday, October  22, 2018, at 7:00 pm at the District Center.


South Park's Updated Library Space: 

South Park Library


South Park's Updated Art Room: 

South Park Art Room


South Park's Updated Music Room: 

South Park Music Room